Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sofia's School Party

Sofia celebrated her birthday in school today. I can say #itsmorefuninthePhilippines because people love to party, and everyone goes out of their way to help you.

Given my busy schedule, I just sent Sofia's teacher a pack of invites, you can read about my party prep post here, together with a post-it asking her if Sofia can have a party on her birthday and telling her that I will just show up with food and prizes (subtly implying it would be very much appreciated if she facilitated some games for the kids). When I met her personally for my daughter's Parent Teacher Conference, she just confirmed to me that I have nothing to worry about, I just needed to show up with the party stuff.

I invited my mom to join us, because as usual, she took care of preparing all the food. We were give the last hour and a half before the kids go home, to have the party.

We took a picture of  Sofia (and me)
and her classmates before we started with the games.
I just prepared loads of prizes for the kids and teacher took care of everything.
The kids getting ready to play.
The first game was scrambled egg relay.
Viele was more interested in scoping the prizes than playing.
Teacher also did a ball bingo (sort of like musical chairs).
Those who don't get a ball are out of the game.
Then we had a snack time break.
My mom prepared baked spaghetti, fish sticks and bread pan.
She also baked banana cupcakes for dessert.
Gammy arrived a little late because she tried to deal with our cake fiasco.
Best friends in school.
With Margaux and Kailyn.
With Andres, Bella and Lexi.
Sofia and yaya.
The birthday girl finished the baked spaghetti
because it's her favorite!

Thanks Uncle Ralph for the Ice Cream you sent. 

Their new classmate, Andreas.
Bella and Lexi.

The Ice Cream was generally a hit, except...
The kids all asked teacher to remove the chocolate disc.

After snack time, they had more games.
They played fruit salad.
The group that shoots the most fruit in the basket, wins.

Then it was cake time.
This was the cake fiasco.
Golidilocks delivery. Delivered late. Delivered damaged.
Seriously, it read: appy Birthday Sofia!
Unfortunately, I had to make do with it, because you only see the damage when you take the cake out of the box for cake blowing time. In fairness, when I called them to give them hell to complain, they immediately sent the delivery guy with my money back. They told me I could keep the cake, but when I showed the rider why I was complaining, he took the cake back. Good riddance, I don't need a damaged cake that was already documented in all the pictures!

Back at the party...
Sofia's classmates sang Happy Birthday.
Some of them took turns giving their birthday wishes for her.
Then she gave away her giveaways.
We have her classmates a blackboard, whiteboard set with pens and magnets.
Sofia made the tags by herself.
Then her classmates gave her their gifts.
Andreas was giving her the gift of from Lexi. Hahahaha.
Thank you for organizing the party, Teacher Tina.
Sofia really had a lot of fun.

When we got home, it was opening presents time.
Sofia's favorite present is Sabrina, her Baby Alive doll,
that eats and poops. I hear her diapers are Php30 each!
She was also prancing around in Ninang Ady's gift.
Replying to her facebook greeting with her penguin hands.

Sofia has been one extremely happy kid this week. Thank you very much for everyone who made Sofia's birthday special.

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