Saturday, October 13, 2012

Off to Osaka

We're going to Osaka because we found cheap tickets online are celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. Oooops, she might kill me for broadcasting her age... but I think she looks younger.

The iconic Glico Man lighted billboard.

I love Osaka. I went there for a week last year on an impulse trip with my two best friends and all we did was eat, visit the aquarium, visit ONE temple in Kyoto and eat some more.

Tim and I impulsively joined Jem and her family.

Our hotel was so well located we just walked to the main eating and shopping streets.

This yellow thing by the river is a store with lots of junk,
the kind we like buying.
Our welcoming committee.
Our favorite takoyaki stall at the corner by the river.
If you need a landmark, look for Elmo.
Takoyaki was our first meal in Japan.
It was yummmy.
I thought I could eat it everyday, but after a week, it does get tiring.
A famous 24hr ramen stall.
We opted for the double meat order (Y900),
but to share.
It was so good, I can't wait to go back and eat it again.
Carbs are allowed on vacation.
This is Muji's food hall. I also like shopping here for weird food.
I kept looking for excuses to shop at the Sanrio store.
Our other meals include:

Starter plate from the highly recommended Sukiyaki place.
We ordered a mixture of expensive good beef, and really expensive good beef.
The lady cooks it for you.
It looks like normal Sukiyaki, but it's really good.
and I don't even like Sukiyaki.
Sukiyaki induced beef coma.
We also ate at a Tonkatsu restaurant.
This is their katsudon version (with Rice on the side).
Mixed Katsu.
I ate loads of cabbage and goma dressing.
One of my favorite meals was eat all you can Yakiniku.
We chose the option with Wagyu beef,
then you can eat all you can for 2 hours.

In between or after meals we also ate non-stop.

Okonomiyaki for midnight snack at Chibo on Dotonburi.
I dragged Jem and Tim because I wanted to try it,
but it was Tim who insisted on ordering 2 orders.
When we get tired, we also stop for coffee and dessert.
On another night after dinner,
we found the lady selling kobe beef bbq on the street.
It was so good, I hope I manage to find her again.
Kahit inuusok na kami, kain lang ng kain.
We tried the Japanese Cheesecake because they store had such a long line.
It was ok, but I think I prefer Cheesecake the New York way. 
When we're not hungry for dinner, we agree to settle on conveyor belt sushi.
Aerial view.
But when we have a light dinner, we end up eating again after!
They served four cheese pizza with honey sauce.
Before leaving, the last thing on our to eat list was omurice and hamburger steak.
Unfortunately, it gave us an MSG-induced headache :(
The only touristy thing we did in Osaka was visit the Aquarium, when I saw it, I said I'll come back with Sofia.
The wind was so cold,
I would buy hot coffee from the machine to warm my hands.
There were Ferris Wheels everywhere. This was at the aquarium.
Fish are food.
In Singapore they BBQ stingrays.
Tim looking for his Fish Prince.
We were able to go to the Rinku Outlet Mall before catching our flight.
They have a Ferris Wheel there too.

I can't wait to go to Osaka. I am sure we will do nothing but eat, eat, eat, go the the aquarium (for Sofia), go to a temple in Kyoto, then eat some more. That would be a perfect vacation. just saying.

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