Monday, March 30, 2015

Apple Pie meets Cheesecake from Calea in Bacolod

I went to Bacolod for work last week and the main highlight of my trip was our visit to Calea, a place known for their really good cakes. 

I recognize some of Calea's cakes because they are so famous, office mates that visit Bacolod normally bring back goodies for us. At first I thought we were just getting a slice or two to share... but no! They have such a huge assortment, we ended ordering one cake each, then sharing. Hahaha.
Apple Pie Cheesecake, Floating Island, Pecan Pie,
Chocolate Cake with Mocha Filling and brewed coffee to go with it
The Pecan Pie was okay. But I can make better.
The Chocolate Cake was okay too, but their Imported Chocolate Cake,
with Caramel Filling - which was out of stock, was so much better in my opinion.
Meringue, Caramel - Yummy floating island for a change.
But the Apple Pie Cheesecake, this was the best.
Best Apple Pie and Best Cheesecake that I've ever had!

The Apple Pie Cheesecake was so good, I was craving for it the next day. I even bought a whole cake to bring home just to satisfy my craving. I even discovered you don't even need the caramel sauce (wasted calories if you ask me), because it's really good even without it.

Also goes really well with Nespresso. just saying.

Calea Cakes and Pastries
15th street Lacson st.
6100 Bacolod City

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