Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sofia loves One Direction so we watched them in Singapore!

We watched the One Direction concert last week in Singapore because Sofia wanted to watch them, but not badly enough for me to be willing to pay an arm and a leg for what the tickets cost in Manila. Being a sucker for a sale that I am, I couldn't resist buying tickets from Singapore when American Express offered priority booking last year, especially since the price was a fraction of what it cost if we watched them here, so it just cost me an arm instead. I even justified the trip to Singapore since we normally go at least once a year, I declared this to be our trip this year. Everything worked out so well, the day of the concert was actually Sofia's last day of finals, so we went straight from school to the airport (we even had to fly Singapore Airlines to ensure no flight delays! Thanks to my miles.), then we just literally dropped off our bags and picked up Tim and went directly to Singapore Indoor Stadium.   
The concert was supposed to start at 8:00pm, but it was taking forever to
We got hungry, so we got a Chicken Hamburger.
They don't allow you to bring food or drink in, but they don't have much options.
Best to smuggle food in and hide it in between extra clothes or something.

Official One Direction merchandise was so expensive in the Philippines, it was a good thing I was able to buy a lot from my recent London trip at a steal.

There were a lot of people, but the Singapore Indoor Stadium wasn't really full.
So many squealing girls when 1D finally came out. 
Kids are only allowed on reserved seats, so we were quite far from the stage,
which was surrounded by the standing area. I don't really know who the band
is so Sof had to keep telling me. This is Niall, the only one with no tattoos.
One Direction from afar.
We only knew a third of their songs, so for the rest
of the time, Sofia was kind of bored.
Another good thing about catching them in Singapore is we saw them with
Zayn before he dropped out of the tour due to stress.
This was before he was allegedly spotted in Thailand with a girl who freaked out his fiancee or the alleged fear of taking the drug test before the bond was posted. Amazing what 1D rumors I picked up from the dinner table from my parents no less.
Sofia tells me it's Harry on the screen.
The crowd goes crazy whenever they sing their more popular songs.
The crowd lights up.
And even Sofia stands up to dance. At least I get some ROI. 
Liam is now her favorite 1D guy.
She used to like Zayn.
Glad she changed favorites before he became controversial.
Watching 1D reminded me of the time we watched F1 in Singapore.
I also had to keep asking my friends who the cars and drivers were.
Ultimate poser!

Thanks 1D! That was a good show.

One thing I discovered thanks to the concert is that you have a great view of the Singapore skyline from Singapore Indoor Stadium.
We couldn't resist taking pictures with the 1D standees.
Sofia wouldn't leave until I had a good picture with all of them,
and no photobombers. Hahaha.
The easiest way out of the Stadium is by taking the MRT
to the next stop, and catching a cab from there.
Sofia loved the concert, so for that alone it was worth the stress, and the amazing race. just saying.

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