Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Legoland Waterpark Revisited

When Legoland Water Park was fairly new, we went to visit it, you can read about it here, Sofia had a lot of fun, but she's a water baby, so that's a given. Though I remember that the weather was bad, it was raining non-stop, I twisted my ankle badly, and we only really tried/enjoyed one ride - Build a Raft. 

This time around, we went to Legoland Water Park because we were there anyway to stay at the hotel, you can read my review of the hotel here, but fortunately the weather was really good and the water park wasn't crowded, so we were able to do more things.

Picture taken in vivid mode using my Canon S95.
Wheeeeeee!!! Read more to see our Slide Review!!!
At Legoland Water Park, they don't give out any maps, makes sense - it will
just get wet, so do your planning before you enter.

All the photos in this post from this point on have been taken using Sofia's fake go-pro. You can read all about the SJ4000 not a Go Pro Action Camera here. It takes pretty good pictures and videos, plus no need to worry about losing an expensive camera, or wrecking one because it got wet.

Picture before entering the Water Park.

Our favorite attraction has always been Build A Raft. I just noticed a few changes.
1. There are no longer any double rings. We loved the double rings!
2. Most of the floater ring handles are broken.
3. There used to be a lot of sprinklers throughout the river. They are either broken or Legoland is cost cutting. Whatever it is, this ride is still fun, but it has clearly deteriorated, and it's only been a little over a year since our last visit.

Since there are no more double rings, we need to keep connected,
using our legs hanging onto the other ring!
If I'm not mistaken, the seashells here used to spray water.
Now, the only thing that still sprays something is the water falling from
the structure right after you enter the river.
The SJ4000 takes pretty good pictures, except when the subject is a bit far.

The good thing about our last visit is we were able to try out the slides because I didn't twist my ankle this time, Sofia is tall enough, and there were no lines at all, making it more fun to do anything we wanted. Hooray for 0 waiting time on the Slides.

Since I am totally a wuss when it comes to theme parks, the first slide we tried was the one where the whole group gets into a raft. I must say, this is my favorite one! But I have to be honest and admit I only tried two. Hahaha. Cameras are not allowed on the slides, but we smuggled the SJ4000 and took a video.

According to Sofia, her favorite slides are the blue ones. She definitely tried more of them than I did, so you may want to believe her.

Then you can also try out the green one, or the Twin Chasers, and race with someone. Who do you think slides faster? Sofia or Ninong Tim? Clue: Sofia really doesn't like losing, so maybe that's why she prefers the blue slides.

Ady and I also tried this Swirly Slide. It was okay, except you you need to carry your raft up, and you need to make sure your butt doesn't hit the slide or it sort of hurts. Sofia wussed out on this one.

After Sofia tired herself running up and sliding down the slides, she wanted to play into the Wave Pool next. Sofia enjoyed the fun of the beach, without the icky sand that normally sticks to her feet. Hahaha. Perfect for OC kids.

Sofia really didn't want to go home, and since we explored almost everything already, she wanted to play in the Joker Soaker Playground.

If you've been to the kids water play area in the Singapore Zoo, it
works with the same concept, perhaps with more bells and whistles.

It was definitely a more enjoyable visit for us this time around. I just hope Legoland maintains the Water Park well. Clearly, signs of deterioration can be seen not just in the Build a Raft attraction, but even in the automated lockers - where almost all the machines refused to take our money, and almost all the scanners are cracked. They won't have much business if they don't maintain their standards... but look at the brightside, that will mean less lines. just saying.

Legoland Water Park

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