Sunday, March 15, 2015

Visit Fiesole for the best view of Firenze

Visiting Fourvière in Lyon, which you can read about here, reminded me a lot of Fiesole, which I realized, I haven't blogged about... so here goes, not quite a year later.
When I went to Europe last year, in my great adventure travelling alone, one of the places I visited was Florence, where I stayed with another great landlord Francesco, which you can read about here. I think I stayed for around 3 days, but since I was just there the year before and there's just so much in Florence you can do, (Shopping and Gelato are my top picks, in that order), I was looking for something new to do and Francesco recommended that I visit Fiesole. 
It's fairly easy to get to Fiesole, just take the local bus
number 7.

It terminates right at the center of Fiesole.
The bus stops here, and you can already enjoy the view from the cafes on
the right.
A closer look shows you the Duomo.
You can just sit here the whole day with a good cup of coffee.
A nice sculpture in the Piazza.
The Clock Tower.
Just across the clock tower is the Musei di Fiesole with the ruins of the
Roman Theater.
There's a ticket office beside the entrance.
It also serves as the Tourist Information center. They have maps and they
can tell you where to go for the best view.
Entrance to the museum is 10Euros, you can listen to a free guide on an
IPad that you can borrow for free.
Part of the museum is in the building, which I skipped.
I preferred to explore the ruins instead.
For a moment I was tempted to eavesdrop on this French guided tour,
but I didn't think my French was up for it.
Just beware of falling people. Hahaha.
You can walk through the Roman Theater. 
They should also have a sign that says beware of crawling creatures.
This green one surprised me when I was setting up the TriPod.
Thanks to the TriPod, I got some pictures of myself.
View from the bottom.
I walked around for a bit to explore.
You can see the clock tower through the aqueducts.
I think the rest of the property had what used to be Roman Baths (don't quote me on that) and a Roman Temple.

How to take a good solo picture:
Self-Timer 10 shots, then pick the good ones

Picnic time for the tour group in the Roman Temple ruins.
After the museum, I attempted to explore Fiesole to see the recommended spots for the best view.
OMG, uphill climb.
You need to walk up the path near the church.
The climb just kept getting steeper.
Good thing, I was happy enough with the view halfway up.
I don't think I need to go any further. Hahaha.

Thanks but no thanks to more climbing uphill.
Remember, this was a vacation!
I decided to eat here, before heading back to the city.
They even served Bruschetta for free. Yummy!
 Look at those fresh ripe tomatoes!
I ordered eggs with Fresh Truffle.
Look at that generous serving of white truffle.
Combined with the view and good coffee,
it's really to die for!
I would definitely come back to Fiesole again. It's a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Firenze's city center, and maybe next time I may make it further uphill to see the other recommended view of Firenze, but I'm not holding my breath for that (literally and figuratively). just saying.

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