Friday, April 1, 2016

Steak Cubes from Taipei to Manila

Our family loves steak.

One of our favorite snacks in Taipei is Steak Cubes. Where to find it is a new discovery, because we were just killing time in at Jason's Market Place, the high-end Supermarket next door, while waiting for our table at Din Tai Fung, and since we were having a late lunch, our mouth-watered literally when I smelled steak cooking. 

The process is pretty straight forward, you choose your meat, you pay, then they grill it for you, while you wait. I walked away at first, but when I realized that we were all hungry, I said, we could buy some steak to snack on before lunch while waiting for our table.
Of course it didn't hurt that their steaks were on Buy 1 Take 1.
Once it's grilled to medium perfection, they just season it with pink salt. 
Yummy!!! And there was just enough space in my tummy for DTF.

Another winner find from this trip, was the Torched Steak Cubes Food Stall, just beside Uniqlo (on the pedestrian street). It looked so yummy, we decided to snack on this again, before having dinner at the Modern Toilet Restaurant.
Here you order a small serving 100NT or a big serving 200NT,
but you don't choose the meat. It also looks like it has more fat compared
to the Supermarket where you can actually choose.
They also seasoned it with pink salt.

Since I had a Steak Cubes Hangover, I tried the Japanese Steak Cubes from Konbini which I have been hearing about.
Look at the marbling!!!
It's quite good value at Php650 for 500g.
It tasted really good, like high grade wagyu with all that melt in your mouth
fat, but beware, you need to eat something else with it, because it's too
fat to eat by itself. Too much of a good thing and all that...

But it definitely is nice to know you don't need to go as far as Kobe, or Taipei for a good Steak Cubes. You can have it at the comfort of your home too! just saying.

Jason's Market Place
Taipei 101
No. 45 Shìfǔ Road, B1, 
Xìnyì District, Taipei

57 Connecticut St, 
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan, 
1502 Metro Manila
(02) 722 4263
*Steak Cubes are delivered every Tuesday and Friday, you can call them to reserve

Konbini also serves good Japanese Comfort Food too, Like Japanese Fried Rice, and Tempura or Karaage to go with it. They have an eating area, or you can order take-away (but bring containers if you don't want to pay the surchange).

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