Friday, March 17, 2017

Brick Burger for Lego Inspired Meaty Burger Goodness

Late last year, my friend told me about a Lego themed burger restaurant quite near where we lived. Good thing she did, because despite how often we passed the area, we never thought that Brick Burger pertained to Lego bricks. Hahaha.

As soon as we heard about them, Sof and I couldn't wait to try it out on one of our Saturdates.

We totally loved the Lego buildings as they were clearly localized.
Someone doesn't want to be made into inihaw na liempo (grilled pork).

It wasn't until our next visit when I was showing my siblings the escaping pig that we realized that they actually played with the Lego and they change things up a bit, other displays in the restaurant included. What a cool job for their version of the window dresser.

They have a counter, but you don't really need to order your food here.
It's more of a display. There is table service.

I enjoyed the food, Sofia didn't.
Sof had a regular burger with all the fixins on the side,
but she found the taste too beefy.

I ordered the Darth Vadar Burger (with extra patty).
I loved how beefy it was. Hahaha.

The Darth Vadar burger is a bit on the sweet side though as it has
caramelized onions and BBQ sauce so best to split with someone.

Oh... and it has bacon and mushrooms too! Absolutely yummy.

Good thing they do fries well. The thick kind. This is what Sofia ate.

We came during the soft opening. No credit cards, just cash, but
everything was good.

I told the siblings about it, so we went back a few weeks after we first tried it.
Ady decoded the menu! We assumed that the Lego bricks beside the price
will tell you what color the Lego bread is for your order. 

Then we both ordered the Hulk Burger, which is pretty
much a double deck burger with mushroom, bacon and
cheese sauce... and it came with different colored bread
because they ran out. Hahaha.

Still good, but I really prefer the Darth Vadar so best to order both and share.

Uhm, shobs... why are you forking Reena's nose? Hahaha

Garlic Parmesan Wings... also good. Hahaha. 
I could live without Onion Rings though. But I'm just not a fan.
This was a family meeting... with legal consultation included.

As you can see, two visits in the space of a few weeks. This place is definitely worth visiting if you find yourself in the Pasig area. Now, it would only be better if they had some bricks in a corner that the kids could play with as well... just saying.

Brick Burger
Hampton Gardens Arcade, 
C. Raymundo, 
Pasig City from 11 am to 10 pm

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