Monday, March 6, 2017

Yuki Onna for the best Truffle Beef Yakiniku and Foie Gras Quinoa (or Rice) Bowl

I haven't blogged "real time" in ages. Normally, I live in the moment, and if the experience is blog-worthy, I take enough photos, and as I do, I already know the story in my head of how my blog post will go. Then real life takes over, and I end with all my photos in an unsorted folder, which finally makes it to a blog post on a rare weekend that I am free (and not lazy) many months or many weekends after. The typical story of a multi-tasking mom, and I may be worse than most, since not only am I a single mom, I have too many passion projects, and that's all on top of my day job.

However, being in Singapore over half of the weekend, because I had to be here for work, staying in my old neighborhood no less, has brought back so many memories. I used to work from home, then go out for food when I was hungry, then went back home to work, then I at night I would blog. My blog was born when we lived in Singapore. So I guess, that's what compelled me to blog tonight (and eat Chicken Rice from the hotel - the famous boneless version from Chatterbox!) instead of looking up friends to hang out with. I missed my quiet time amidst the hustle and bustle of the Orchard Road - River Valley Area, where just outside your window so much is happening.

Anyway, I digress. My post today is about the most awesome lunch you can score for SG$24!!! Whenever I travel, I normally browse to find new places I can try, with location as my deciding factor. I'm willing to try places with good reviews within a reasonable distance, but I normally don't go far, unless it's my friends who rave about a place that we are going to.

This time around, I was conscious about cost as well. What used to be a reasonable (most of the time) food allowance provided by the company I work for when you're travelling, has drastically been cut to an amount that requires you to be creative with where you eat, unless you want to pay for it personally, because the allowance can no longer afford to pay for room service (which I don't think is fair if you're on a business trip. I am actually here again next week for holiday - so in that trip I will eat where I want and gladly pay for it!).

I saw a really interesting feature about Yuki Onna (translated from Japanese, it means Snow Queen). Yuki Onna was recommended for their affordable rice toppings - and they had one that really caught my attention. Truffle Beef Yakiniku Don. They even have option to serve it with Foie Gras... (Brings back Fat Cow memories... You can read about it here.) on top of that, you can upgrade your rice for quinoa with just SG$1 extra. I was totally sold. I was quite excited too to read that they were located quite close by at Far East Square.

I just didn't realize that Far East Plaza (off Orchard Road) is different from Far East Square (near Telok Ayer). It was a bit stressful since it was only when I was on my way did I realize that they closed at 2:30pm and I left quite late because I was finishing something urgent for my boss but I'm glad I made it because it was worth the detour.

Far East Square is under going renovation, and while the restaurant has a street adress (Amoy St) it's actually within the covered building and not the Amoy St. where cars pass.

Far East Plaza is a modern shell for the
renovated shop houses beside the CBD.
They say it gets really crowded at lunch.
I quickly placed my order since I arrived
20 minutes to closing. The good news is
the last order is 2:30PM.
I took a photo of the shop houses as they
were cooking my food.
All the good stuff for the win.
Did I forget to mention it comes with an
Onsen Egg too?
Hello Egg Porn. I have read reviews that complained that the bowl was
not seasoned enough. I almost brought my own salt, but I found it to be perfect.
Deadly (good) Foie Gras meet Healthy Quinoa. Everything went really
well together.  Though the serving was on the small/ just right side but the
proportion of beef, foie gras and egg to quinoa was just right.
Good Job Yuki Onna!!! Not exactly
Fat Cow Quality, but at less than half the
price of Fat Cow, this is clearly a steal!

Special mention to the owner uncle who extended really good service. He repeatedly approached me to ask if I wanted cold water, then he came back to ask if I wanted hot water. He was also very happy when I approached him to thank him as I told him that I really enjoyed my meal. Hooray for eating well and within the budget too.

 I couldn't resist taking photos of Ya Kun at Far East Square. Sure felt like I stepped into the past.

I loved Yuki Onna. I will be back for sure, whether I'm here for work or for holiday. just saying.

Yuki Onna
Far East Square (NOT Far East Plaza)
3/4 Amoy Street 
Singapore 049947
Open Daily 11:30-2:30 and 5:30-10PM

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