Monday, March 13, 2017

Legoland Brick or Treat 2016 and Legoland Waterpark Revisited

Last year, Sof asked for a trip to Singapore and Legoland for her 9th Birthday. Since she doesn't ask for much, I agreed, but I convinced her to stay in Legoland Hotel another time since the rates were expensive for the weekend that we planned to visit.

Thanks to strategic partner rate I get through our company, we visit Legoland quite often.

Sof. You didn't follow the dress code.

Even the post and the photo bomber did.

We were quite sad when we thought the Build a Raft was
under maintenance. Good thing, the sign was wrong.

Build a Raft is my favorite ride attraction in Legoland Waterpark. All you need to do is grab a raft, and go with the flow. Though there seems to be a shortage of rafts even if there aren't many people. They have also removed the doubles. Perhaps they do need to close it to maintain it to it's former glory.

Sof loves swimming here because she is tall enough to stand if she gets tired.

My other favorite attraction, is the one where you ride a big round raft down the slide.
We normally do this several times.
Normally there is no line, but for the times when we need to wait for our turn, Sof does the slide first (which also departs from the same platform).


It's best to come with an adult who loves playing in the water if that's not really your thing.

Thank you Tita Jackie and Ninong Tim.

Sof loved it so much, she stayed until the park closed at

Since water play can really work up an appetite, we had a quick dinner at Old Town Coffee before heading to the Main Park since they were closing late for the Halloween Event. If you plan to go this year, let me just tell you that it's a bad idea to take your time.


Off to Brick or Treat...

Now, this is the part that no one tells you. The park closes late for Halloween activities, but if you want to participate in Brick or Treat, you need to get a flyer from the entrance (or customer service desk at the entrance) in order for your child to participate. They stop giving this stupid flyer out after a certain time, but no one tells you about it.

It's actually not the whole part that closes late, but only the area (Kingdom Area) where the Brick or Treat Event is held. We rushed all the way there to realize (through my sister's eavesdropping while we were in the long line), that you needed a certain flyer that they were no longer giving out.

I was in panic mode. I promised my daughter that we didn't need to stay at the hotel because she could do Brick or Treat instead, so I had to find a way to get hold of one of the flyers. My brilliant idea was to approach strangers who looked like they finished the activity, to ask if they had extra flyers, Jackie spotted a mom who looked like she had a lot of kids, and she was nice enough to look for the extra one she had when I asked her. Whew! 

For the first stop, they give you a stack of Lego bricks, then for the succeeding stops, they ask for a certain color brick in exchange of the treat. If you come late, some stops are already closed.

So Jackie and I played our favorite Prize in Every Try to get Sof more treats.
Hooray for winning 2 elephants for Sof.

I'm just so glad she loved her birthday trip.
This is the very important flyer, for info. If you arrive early, I'm sure, they
were very free in giving it away.
These were my daughter's treats. Mostly sponsored, so it was more for the

There was also a zombie parade which Sof got to watch, but I was busy shopping in the store before it closed.
Sof even got her Ninong to buy her Minecraft Lego for
her birthday.

Thank you Lego, it was great as always. 

Sof was sound asleep in minutes after riding the car. 

And before you know it, we are heading back this weekend. See you soon Legoland. This time Sofia is claiming the Hotel stay I promised her, but some how she convinced us to get annual passes again. So we will definitely be back again and again and again and again. just saying.

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