Friday, March 31, 2017

Oyasumi Ramen for Cheesy Truffle Risotto that you get for a steal

You don't normally order risotto at Ramen places, but Oyasumi Ramen is a place that you visit exactly for that. The concept of this hole in the wall place is that you can ask them to convert any extra broth you have from the ramen you order into a cheesy risotto dish for an extra Php60 only. Now, this assumes you actually finished your ramen, and have extra broth, and stomach space to do this.

There is a work around. When you place your ramen order, you can just ask them to take some broth from it and make you a cheesy risotto and serve it at the same time. If you're not really hungry, it's a good idea to share this with someone (just order extra egg) because the servings are quite generous. 

They have the usual ramen varieties, Truffle Ramen included, which we ordered, and I must say, this flavor works really well as a cheesy risotto.

A Trufle Ramen order which is around Php470 comes with one egg, greens,
and three pork chashu slices. Everything is good except the ramen noodles.
Tastes like some sort of spaghetti meets ramen noodle that I don't really like,
but I will tolerate for the risotto by-product. Hahaha.

Just order an extra egg and it's really perfect for sharing.
Sof doesn't like Ramen - so it's a good thing they have a Pork Chashu Rice
bowl that comes with the same medium boiled egg. In addition to three slices
of pork, the rice is also generously topped with Pork Chashu pieces.

Sofia loved it, and enjoyed mixing in the egg into the
middle of her rice bowl.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the Cheesy Risotto that also came with a
generous amount of pork chashu pieces.
I enjoyed it so much more than the ramen.

I tried a bite of the Black Truffle Broth Cheesy Risotto, but the truffle flavor works so much better. Though I am pretty curious to see how the spicy ramen broth will come out.

Now, if only I can figure out how to get someone to donate ramen broth to me next time, so I won't even need to eat the ramen, and I can just enjoy the Ramen Broth Cheesy Risotto with an extra side order of Pork Chashu without having to eat the really horrible ramen noodles. hahaha, just saying.

Oyasumi Ramen
Unit 3, 308 P. Guevarra St. corner Seaview St., 
Little Baguio, San Juan, 1504 Metro Manila

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