Friday, May 8, 2015

Galvin La Chapelle

Before I left Europe for my Birthday trip (It was last February, so this is a really backlogged post) I did some research online for "discount or deal sites" to see if there was anything interesting in London, and in Paris - but I gave up on that because I didn't want to miss out on some terms and conditions that my basic French may overlook, and I realized that there were quite a lot of 1-Michelin Starred places offering good deals, and by good deal - I mean a 3 course meal with champagne for £30-35!

What amazed me even more was that they seemed to use the discount site as advertising, but you could actually just go to their website and make a reservation for the same offer without having to buy a voucher to avail of their offer. Truly brilliant! I assume this is their version of "sampling" a michelin-starred experience at an affordable price to attract more customers.

Their were a few places to choose from on Amazon Local, but the one I wanted to try the most was Galvin La Chapelle at Old Spitalfields Market. Julie, my friend from work, was nice enough to make the reservations and join us for lunch.

We found Galvin, the Cafe, located in the same place,
the server just led us to their other restaurant.
We availed of the Menu Du Chef - which we indicated when we made our
reservation. It's really a steal at these prices, so we opted for the 3 course meal.
Cute olives were served while we waited for Julie to arrive.
Galvin La Chapelle is actually an old chapel converted into a restaurant,
so it's really nice ambiance.
I can imagine this as a chapel in it's past life.

They were pretty busy for 1pm Saturday Lunch, and quite a few of the tables around us also availed of the same Menu du Chef.

I enjoyed everything we ordered.

For Starters
I ordered the Foie Gras Royale as I have never met Foie Gras I didn't like.
The crisp croutons and port wine jelly added texture and flavor to this dish.
Ady had the Beetroot and Goat Chese Salad
I had some of it out of curiosity and it tasted as good as it looked beautiful.

For Main Course
I had the braised pork cheeks with polenta and crispy
bacon. So tasty, tender and yummy.
Melt in your mouth goodness.
While Ady had the Mushroom and Artichoke Risotto which was also good.

For Dessert
Ady and Julie both ordered the Valrhona Chocolate Mousse 
I ordered the Coconut Rice Pudding to try something else, but I was so full
I barely touched it.
I was really impressed with the service when a waiter approached me and asked if I was unhappy with my dessert and he even offered to replace it with something else. I just said I loved everything but I was just too full. I love service like that, when the staff are trained to go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy, even if they knew we were availing of their set menu.

Here are more photos of Galvin La Chapelle.

Our really enjoyable lunch came out to less than
£35 per person.
Thanks Julie for the catch up lunch. Wish we could do this more often.
This is the entrance of Galvin La Chapelle.
It looks like the back of the church.
For some weird reason, the back of the restaurant,
is actually the front of the church. Go figure.

The Galvin Group has several award winning restaurants, and if the service and food is anything as good as our experience at Galvin La Chapelle, I can't wait to try more. Note to self, don't forget to look for more deals before my next trip. just saying.

Galvin La Chapelle
35 Spital Square,
London, E1 6DY

Galvin Restaurants

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