Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Vintage Kimono Shop in Kuromon Market Osaka

I love travelling. I also have a thing for living like a local, buying and actually wearing local attire (when affordable) included. 

I had 2 sets of lawn collection of Salwar Kameez made when I was in Pakistan, which I actually wore to meetings in our Karachi and Mumbai offices. I have a Sari which I wore on my birthday in Mumbai. I also have a block print cloth which I wore as a skirt, like the locals do in Cote d'Ivoire, and Jem and I have matching Ao Dais, with conical hats which unfortunately I've never worn. And these are just the things I remembered buying. Hahaha.

I've always wanted to own a real Kimono, not the cheap costume version, but a real Kimono is very expensive.
Imagine my surprise, a few years back, when we found real Kimonos,
that were so affordable, they cost less than ¥1000. Of course, I convinced
Jem that we had to buy. (Tim is actually wearing Sofia's Kimono here).
I'm proud to say, I've actually worn that Kimono to work! Seriously. Ask my office mates. Hahaha.

It was only after our trip did I realize that we stumbled into a Vintage Kimono Store in Kuromon Market without realizing it. That's why Sofia's brand new (souvenir type) Kimono cost so much more than my real authentic vintage one. 

If you're like me, and would like to own a beautiful authentic Kimono without breaking the bank, you can visit the Vintage Kimono Store in Kuromon Market in Osaka to get one.

This is what the store looks like.
Sof looks like she's up to no good, while her mom
goes shopping.
The store is well organized and they have a lot of Kimonos to choose from.
Just a tip, the ones hanging inside are more expensive.
They also sell the Obi belts, but I was too cheap to buy one.
I couldn't resist looking, even if I already had a Kimono,
and I wasn't really planning on buying a second one,
so I ended up walking away with a Kimono Top.

It definitely looks like something I can wear to work, which I should actually do.

Here are the details of the shop if you're interested. Hope you find something you like, like I did. just saying.

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