Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cute Store Alert: Hema Stores in Paris

I have a radar for cute stores with affordable merchandise. When I was in London, I immediately homed in on Tiger Stores, which you can read about here. In Paris, it was HEMA stores that caught my attention. Hema is Dutch retail chain,  that gives off an Ikea efficiency feel, with a much more fun assortment. 

They claim in their website to Expect Surprises!

The HEMA store we visited in Paris was in the mall at Val d' Europe.
The one you cut through to get to La Vallee Village Outlet Shopping.

Here are some of the things you can find in HEMA.
Cookie Stamps!!! I bought ours in Japan for so much more.
So I had to buy as a spare, now if only I can remember
where I unpacked it.
They have a whole section of cool stuff for the kitchen.
Alphabet Cookie Cutters and Tray included.
They also have Nespresso compatible capsules at around
half the price. I would try this out if I lived in Paris.
They also have a snacks section.
And accessories to go with eating and drinking.
Moka anyone? You can get the coffee here as well.
They also have a children's section.
and they carry both clothes and toys.
I love the stationary section.
I was trying not to buy anything heavy, so I just
bought the envelope and label templates for Sof for a Euro!

I can't wait to visit more HEMA stores - when I am not lugging around a Crepe Maker, which was a totally good buy - and you can read about here, and my shopping haul from La Vallee Village.

You can check out Hema Stores in France here, and they also have stores in Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, UK and and Germany. So I guess next time I visit those countries I will be looking out for it. As you can see from the prices in the pictures (all in Euros), anything I buy will seem like a bargain! just saying.

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