Sunday, May 17, 2015

Manila Ocean Park Adventure

The Annual Family Day at work was held last week at Manila Ocean Park, so we took the chance to go since Sofia and I have never been. It's a good thing Jay asked if we wanted to go together because Sofia had so much fun with Jillie and Chelsea, who turned out to be her Kiddie Crew batch mate a few weeks back.

Who wants to go to Manila Ocean Park??? Sakay Na!!!
Dirty Ice Cream, anyone?

If you've been to similar places in other countries, the first thing you should do is scale your expectations down. It's definitely nothing like the Osaka Aquarium, which you can read about here, or Ocean Park in Hong Kong which you can read about here (but it's definitely an experience that is as hot and humid as that!).

The thing about Ocean Park Manila - while the place is quite small compared to similar places abroad, is they split the place up in different areas which they refer to as attractions. You can buy different attraction bundles - the free tickets we got had entrance to 8 attractions - but you need to pay separate entrance fees to additional attractions like the penguins in Antartica, or to do the 4D (one and only) ride. 
If you ask for a map, they give you a photocopied black and white version.
If I'm not mistaken, we got tickets for the Oceanarium, Jellies, Yexel's Toy Museum, Dry Encounter with the Stingrays, Back of House, Birds of Prey, Marine Life Show, and something else. We only had energy to do the first three.

The Oceanarium
Aquarium Section
Find Nemo
We swam with these sharks in Maldives!
They have a short tunnel, but you can see the restaurant
at the back. 
One of the few big fish they have there.

Yexel's Toy Museum
I'm not sure what a Toy Museum is doing in Manila Ocean Park, but I'm sure glad it was there! It was one of our favorite attractions, mostly because it was the only place with a properly cooling Air Conditioner, and the attractions were cool too.

Our little minions meet the minions.
When Charlie's Angels meet the Stormtroopers
This display was such a hit the girls had to come back after Ninong Jay
bought them light up pink swords!
Jillie the Jedi Princess

They also have some trick eye museum sets - but the bedroom display just had too many people for anyone to be able take a decent photo.
So Sofia just raised Spiderman up the building instead.
Then there were three of them racing.
Iron Girls
Iron Man Jay - photobombed by his little girl.
The girls enjoying playing in Star Wars land.

Benta yun sword. Photo op with the jellies!
We weren't organized enough to plan to catch the show, so when we ran out of interesting things to do, we just wanted to go home instead of wait for the next show. The girls were having so much fun they didn't want to leave.

I'm very glad we got free tickets from the family day because I would never ever pay for tickets to visit Manila Ocean Park. I think the place is overrated for the prices they are charging and the facilities are not that well maintained. But I'm glad that Sof and her friends enjoyed, and I must admit, the toy museum was a pleasant surprise. just saying.

Manila Ocean Park

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