Tuesday, May 12, 2015

McDonald's Kiddie Crew (Third Time Around)

Sofia loves participating in the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Program, in fact, she loves it so much that this is her third year - as Kiddie Crew.

The first time around, Sof was even a few months shy of the 6-year old requirement. Good thing, they were a bit flexible and she passed the "job interview" with flying colors. I think the main criteria is the kid should not be shy, and should be able to reach the soft drink dispensers - but don't quote me on that. You can read Sofia (and Viele's) first stint here. I wasn't even aware that they normally have a mini-graduation ceremony on the last day.

Last year, it was more of the same, but more fun because Lauren, another friend from school also joined them. This time, I knew there was a graduation ceremony so I was able to attend. You can ready about that here.

This year, Sof had a bit of a problem because Viele didn't want to do Kiddie Crew any more. Good thing, we were able to convince Gregory (and his parents) that he wanted to do it, even if we had to be a bit sneaky, since he's a little bit more under-age than Sofia was when she first started. Hahaha. But it was also good that Viele changed her mind and also joined, together with Bean - one of Sofia's third cousins - I think! 

Thank you to all the family and friends who have come for a McDonald's fix ordered from and served by Sofia in the last three years!
Lukey and friends (and Ninang Ria) present on the first day.
Thank you Auntie Alay for the photos.
Uncle Kiko, Auntie Stell (who took the photo but is not in it), Big Ma
and Ninang Faith (and Auntie Criz too).
But most of all, Thanks Vice for the daily photo updates! Hahaha.
I think Gregory was everyone's favorite, even if he was the smallest, and
he arrived always late. He was only big enough to man the drive thru window.
Good thing, his daddy is supportive enough to drive thru, just so Gregory
can serve him! Drive thru for dine in please! Hahaha.
Sof loves the kiddie crew program.
With Bean, the patient McDonald's crew, and a new friend.
We bought so much Shaun the Sheep Happy Meal Toys, good thing they
changed to Magic School Bus Books, which is more educational.
One of the advantages to being a Kiddie Crew Veteran
is they teach the kids how to use the Point-Of-Sale.
Caught on camera!!! I don't think you're supposed to eat our order. Hahaha.

For the mini graduation ceremony, the kids perform "Make it Happen" the Kiddie Crew Theme Song, and this year, they also danced to Shake it Off.
Gregory was proud to be the leader.
Can you spy Sofia?
Sof was way in the back so the picture is blurry.

The try to make the Kiddie Crew Program educational, so the kids earn different badges for different activities. Then for graduation, the parents come up to pin the last badges.

Kiddie Crew 2015
Every day kids are given snacks too!

I'm not really sure if Sofia will still want to do this next year, but I think I'm going to start preparing loyalty prizes for the family and friends who've supported Sof for four years straight! Hahaha. Thank you so much. just saying.

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

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