Sunday, August 2, 2015

Brunch in Bangkok at Roast

A few years back, my Aunt, who used to live in Bangkok went back to visit and catch up with her friends, and one of the things she brought us, were really good brownies. Soft, chewy and moist, that came in different flavors too, because I remember a Green Tea flavored one. Her friend gave it to her from her son's new place in Bangkok, which was called Roast.

Then when we were in Bangkok a few weekends back, I just asked my friend Anson, places he could recommend for us to eat in Bangkok and one of the places he mentioned was Roast, in the new posh mall, emQuartier in Bangkok (across Emporium), which he said was famous for brunch and dessert. Hooray for my two favorite meals, if dessert is even counted as such.

Fortunately, we were able to squeeze it in for our last day, but our day got so hectic, we ended up getting there around 3:30PM... for brunch! Seriously! It was our first meal of the day and we were starving! The place is very busy too, even at that time, so you'll need to line up and wait.
I was looking through their menu while we were waiting and I had 2 thoughts.
1. I wanted to order EVERYTHING.
2. They had a wide dessert selection, but there were no brownies in the menu!
Brunch is only served until 4:00pm, and they will not let you order until you have a table available, so I was checking every 5 minutes if we were getting a table soon. But lesson really is not to come too late, especially on a weekend if you want brunch.

Jem and I ordered 2 dishes to share. I honestly thought we could finish 3 dishes between us, good thing she convinced me, we needed to leave space for dessert.
We had Huevos Rancheros from the brunch menu.
Yummy baked eggs in tomato sauce with chorizo
and some potatoes. 350 Baht.
Then we also had the Truffle Alfredo. This was so good,
 but the portion was small. Homemade tagliatelle that was finely made, with
rich cream bacon and mushroom sauce.
So I guess, a small serving is fine since it's so rich. 280 Baht.

Anson didn't mention their drinks, but I think they also take this to the next level.
I had the Iced Espresso Latte, with frozen espresso cubes,
similar to UCC's Kori Kohi, but it just looks much nicer
when served with a topping of foamed milk. 120 Baht.
Mix to taste as you drink it.
So yummy, note to self, I want to make this at home. 
Jem ordered the Strawberry Honey Iced Team,
which was equally social media worthy.
Topped with strawberries and Iced Tea cubes. 140 Baht.
Perfect Brunch after a day at the Spa.
In fact, we were sadly too full to order dessert.
But I couldn't resist taking a picture of someone else's
dessert. Well, I did it before it was served.
Chocolate Nutella Tart. 280 Baht.
With Dark Chocolate and Grapefruit,
topped with Grapefruit Ice Cream. I wanna try this next time.
I really wanted to eat at Roast again on my last trip, but unfortunately, I took so long finishing up something, I only had time to grab a steak from the food court. It was also the first day of Buddhist Lent (local holiday), so I was afraid the lines would be long again. I am sure I will definitely be back next time. Maybe I'll try and ask my aunt, in advance of course, if she can order me some of those yummy elusive brownies. Hahaha. just saying.

1st floor, The Helix Quartier, EmQuartier
BTS Phrom Phong Station

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