Friday, August 14, 2015

Indonesia Rota+ Finds

I always say, it doesn't matter where you send me, I'm sure I will find something to buy. It's nice to know I have not yet been proven wrong. Hahaha.

On my first work trip to Indonesia, we attended a workshop, so I was in a bit of a panic, grabbing everything I could find from the 1 mini-mart we stopped at on the way to the airport just so I could buy something! I must admit, that trip was a bit desperate and I ended up bringing home a lot of Indomie, as well as Oreos for Sofia, which in my defense came with stackable food containers!

This time around, we went for a trade visit, which means more stores... and more shopping opportunities! I even have a recommended to buy list:

1. Silver Queen Chocolates
Local chocolates with Cashew that my office mates from Manila asked me to buy. I like the Dark Chocolate version.

2. Oishi Strawberry Crunch
Made by a Filipino company, but ironically, the Strawberry flavor is not available in the Philippines. Hooray for something to hoard from Indonesia. 

3. Ceres Chocolate Sprinkles for sandwiches or topping
I was actually tempted to buy this when I saw it last trip, I knew I wanted
it for sure when I tried it from the Sweet Martabak filling
(which you can read about here). I've been told Ceres is the best brand.

4. Must try sadly not for bringing home are the cool Ice Cream Innovations
Red Velvet Cornetto 
Paddle Pop Banana Boat
Peelable Grape Gummy on a Vanilla Ice Cream Stick

5. My favorite discovery of all are the Sanrio x Softex Feminine Products
Available in a whole range too!!! We're just missing Kiki and Lala!
Good Quality too at a reasonable price so I definitely want to hoard more
of this on my next visits!

I say Rota + because due to the flight schedule, I had to stay in Jakarta an extra night so I got to visit Senayan City Shopping Mall.
and at the basement, they have my favorite local cafe which serves their specialty Avocado Coffee!!!
Super Yummy! I just slurp around the Ice Cream to make it less fat.

So there you have my Indonesia Shopping List, and that's only after two visits! You can just imagine what else I'll find to buy after two years! Hahaha. just saying.

Senayan City Mall
Floor L-20
Phone +621 - 72781187

Opening Time 10.00-22.00

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