Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall Bangkok

During my past personal trips to Bangkok, we always stay in the Pratunam area because we go there to shop in the wholesale shopping area (and to eat of course!). So, it was only when I started travelling for work again was I able to explore the other malls in the Sukhumvit Area, like Terminal 21, which is around a block away from where we stay for work.

It's conveniently located beside the Asok BTS station too.
You won't even get wet if it's raining.

The nice thing about Terminal 21, is that it's new and modern, plus it includes a good mix of mainstream and independent stores. Since a lot of the chain High Street stores (like H&M, Zara, etc) are now open in the Philippines, I've actually shopped less abroad, so it's really the local stores I like visiting more.
Terminal 21 is set up like an Airport and different floors are named after
differed cities.
The lower floors have the more mainstream shops, once you get to the higher floors, you'll have the independent local stores.
Tokyo and London floors have local stores.
Some floors have really nice gimmicks.
Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo
and my favorite, Red Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,
on the top floor with all the restaurants.
Look at all those cars.

I really didn't do much shopping because the main stream stores were all available in the Philippines, while the local stores were already starting to close. So this were my favorite finds:

1. TaokaenoiLAND
Taokaenoi is our favorite Seaweed Brand, and it has it's own store here!
The mascot was so cute I did numerous selfie attempts.
Since it's a company store, most of the stock and visibility was seaweed.
But they also had other stuff normally bought from Thailand.

2. Daiso
First time I saw Daiso in Thailand! I love Daiso so much,
I normally find something to buy, no matter what country I see it in.
But this time around I didn't buy any.
But I love how they rank their best sellers so it's easy for shopper to find
what are the popular finds, and normally with Daiso, these are things you don't
even know you need - or want! 

3. Gourmet Market
I love the Gourmet Market Food Hall and Supermarket set-up.
The leading Thai Iced Tea brand.
Food wise, I tried Tokyo Teppanyaki. Not too bad.
Service was fast which I needed because I was rushing.
The replenishment and assortment of this branch is not too good though.

Terminal 21 is now my favorite mall in the Sukhumvit area. just saying.

Terminal 21
2.88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Sukhumvit Rd, 
North Klongtoei Wattana 
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

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