Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back in Bangkok So Soon

I didn't realize I'd be back in Bangkok so soon. Well, to be fair, the last (planned) trip was personal, because we planned a Bridal Shower for my best friend Jem, which you can read about here, while my recent trip was a bit unplanned for work. 

This time around I stayed at Four Points Hotel in Sukhumvit Road (Soi 14) and at first I thought it was on the dodgy side because the lobby was under renovation, but I was glad to be proven wrong.

The room was nice and roomy.
The bathroom was also big with a tub and shower stall,
and a surprise access to the bedroom.
The post it on the mirror from the general manager offering drink specials
was a nice touch - if only it didn't have watermarks from cleaning -
which means it doesn't get changed! Hahaha.
I think this means you can get movies on demand and order popcorn too.
From the other side of the room.
View from the window of my room.
Best enjoyed with French Press Coffee
Breakfast was included in the room rate and the spread was quite good.
I saw some Green Curry, but I wasn't in the mood to eat
curry for breakfast.
I was also rushing to get to the office so I just had my usual egg white
omelet, bacon and cheese with muesli and fresh fruit.
The second day was better because it was a local holiday,
the start of Buddhist Lent, so I could enjoy my breakfast
because I was just working from my room and this time
I had Red Beef Curry with Fried Egg.
I had my muesli with fruit and greek yogurt this time, also accompanied by
a croissant with butter and honey. Yummy!

On the other meals front, we had a lunch at a local restaurant, Mix Restaurant and Bar. Fortunately, our office is located right beside Central Plaza and another new place called The Shoppes Rama so you won't lack for any food options. I let my colleague do the ordering and I think he was surprised I was familiar with all the dishes since we're in Bangkok so often.
Kayang and SomTam - which are normally eaten in roadside stalls
Kayang is Grilled Chicken
Som Tam is Papaya Salad
Ironically, of all the dishes, this is the one I didn't recognize.
Any idea what it is?
If you guessed Pad Thai, you're right!
When I checked the dessert menu, I told my office mate that my favorite Thai Desserts are normally Tako and Khanom Krok, the coconut pudding type desserts you find sold on the street, if you're lucky. My office mate was so nice, he offered to bring me to the food market beside the building to see if we could get some. Hahaha, of course I took him up on his offer!
Market Visit. Literally.
This is where a lot of the locals buy lunch. It's much more affordable than
eating at restaurants.
Yay! I finally got to try this... and a lot of other local sweets.
 Let me just say it doesn't make my top favorites.

Another good thing I forgot to mention about the hotel, is that it had a side entrance you can take that will bring you closer to Terminal 21, a shopping mall that totally deserves it's own post.
A location that's so convenient, if you want to squeeze in some shopping after
work. I also love that it's connected to the BTS (Asok), because it gives me easy
access to Siam Paragon where my favorite restaurant is.
My normal routine when travelling for work is to shop until the shops close, pushing back dinner to around 9pm, which works out quite well because by then it means that I've already burned the calories with all the cardio (walking) and weights (shopping bags).

Since I was only in Bangkok for 1 night, I decided I wanted more of my favorite Boneless Roast Duck from Four Seasons Restaurant, but on my way there, I saw this Foie Gras Sushi, and at 50% off no less, so I really had to try one.
Foie Gras Sushi from Nippon Kai (Siam Paragon Food Court) 300150 Baht
Super worth it! I had to stop myself from ordering more.
At Four Seasons, I ordered my favorite duck! Remember to say sauce on the
side. The skin stays crisper. It comes with some veggies under.
I also wanted some Salted Egg Prawns that we had last time, but I think there's
no way I'd be able to eat all that, so I was happy to find a
Beancurd with Minced Pork and Salted Egg Sauce dish.
Yummy! Perfect blend of healthy ingredients and unhealthy taste.
I was very lucky too, because it didn't start raining
until I was around 2 minutes away from the hotel.
Though I must admit, it gets harder and harder to buy something if you've
just from from a place, but groceries always rule.
The next day, I had the whole morning and then some to work from the hotel.
They were very flexible and allowed me to check-out at 2:30pm.

I just worked straight until I was starving, so I just grabbed a quick lunch from the teppanyaki place at the food court of Terminal 21.
I opted to eat at Tokyo Teppanyaki because I was starving, and I could smell
the food they were cooking.
Not too bad for a food court...
Some Steak Set Meal. It was just a bit over peppered for my taste,
but it was good enough.

I just couldn't resist adding the last picture. I am really enjoying my new role a lot, though it's not as glamorous as it seems with all the jet-setting, hotel hopping, not to mention my quest for good food and shopping too.
When duty calls (literally), duty calls.
I had to take a telecon partly in a taxi, while paying,
while dragging my luggage, and once I got to the airport
that was so fully, while sitting on an empty luggage cart!
hahaha. True! I took minutes too!
So that was Bangkok, officially just one day, but I am sure I will be back. just saying.

Four Points Sukhumvit
4 Sukhumvit Soi 15  
Bangkok, Thailand

Terminal 21
2.88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 Sukhumvit Rd, 
North Klongtoei Wattana 
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Mix Restaurant and Bar
Ground Floor, The Shoppes Rama 9

Nippon Kai
Ground Floor, Siam Paragon Food Court

Four Seasons Restaurant
Ground Floor, Siam Paragon

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