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Pie Face for Savoury Pies, Great Coffee and the Best Lemon Pie Ever is now open in Eastwood!

I love savoury pies. They're not too common in the Philippines, aside from the usual Chicken Pie, good thing my mom makes a killer one which she used to send me frozen when I lived in Singapore and I'd live on it for months, so whenever I traveled to Savoury-Pie-Eating Countries like UK or Australia, I normally ate my fill. 

Good thing, Australia's famous savoury pies are now in the Philippines! Pie Face just opened their Eastwood branch (Hooray! It's so close to us!) and they also have a branch in SM Mall of Asia too.

I first heard about Pie Face when my friend sent me a box a Frozen Pies.
Thanks Criz!
An adorable concept of savoury pies with different
faces to tell you which flavor you're eating.
Criz sent me a box of assorted mini-pies and I couldn't wait to try them all.
But the OC part of my had to sort and arrange them first,
The cooking instructions Criz sent was pretty straightforward, but I guess the cooking time varies depending on the oven that you're using. Since I was just heating up four mini pies, I decided to use the toaster oven instead.
I followed the instructions carefully, but I must admit,
I got the temperature wrong.
I was so excited to try the pies...
But oops! They were sort of just half baked! Hahaha.
The good thing though is that they're not sensitive.
You can just pop them back into the oven until they're fully cooked.
The first one I tried was Pulled-Pork and I must say, it's one of my favorites.
The other three pies came out better.
But if you do them right from the start, this is how they should look.
The bottom crust will cook better if you don't use a pan under.

The verdict after trying almost all the flavors:
The mini-pies are great for a snack or for as a sampler when you want to eat more than one flavor. However, because the pies are smaller, it's a bit on the crusty-side, with a higher crust to filling ratio than what I would like. The good thing though is that they use Filo Pastry, or Puff Pastry for the crust, so if you like that, then that won't be a gross negative.
Their bestseller is the Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Their other bestseller is the Chunky Steak (upper right),
pictured here with the Aussie Mince (left) and Steak, Bacon and Cheese (big). 
My personal favorites are: Philly Cheese Steak (pictured), Pulled-Pork,
and Spicy Chili Con Carne (which I think we ate before I took a photo).

Since Criz sent me the pies, I have started stalking PieFacePH on Facebook so as soon as I saw that the Eastwood Branch was open, I immediately dropped by on my way home from the office.
Pie Face Eastwood is in the same building as the Supermarket.
I couldn't wait to try their coffee too!!!
I'm a fan of Australian Coffee ever since I tried Holybelly Cafe, my favorite brunch place in Paris, ironically run by Australians, which serves the best coffee ever. You can read about it here.

I was rushing to go home so I just told my driver to double park or go around while I went in to buy take away.
Hello Happy Savoury Pies!
So nice to have you all in a place so close to me!!! 
I was glad to see that they had bigger pies, hooray!
I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak to try it.
I wanted to try the sweet pies too, since I've only tried the Savoury ones.
The Lemon one looks so drool-worthy, reminding me of my favorite
Tarte Au Citron from Paris.
I asked what the best sellers were, so I tried the Chocolate, Lemon and
Cappuccino. I was too scared to try the Raspberry (too pink for me!).
You can get a mix of Savoury and Sweet Mini Pies in boxes of 3 or 9.
Since I couldn't resist leaving without coffee, I ordered their bestseller,
 and what a good flat white it was.
I had my Philly Cheese Steak Pie for diner and it was still a bit warm.
I think it would have been even much better if I ate it at the shop.
It was so good!!! Generous beef filling and oozing cheese with every bite.
The big pies are so much better if you're having one for a meal.
I gave the pies to Sofia for dessert and she wanted to try the Lemon first.
The Sofia Verdict: Ang asim!!! (Too sour) Then she continued eating
the crust around it anyway.
But if you ask me for my verdict, it was absolutely the best Lemon Pie I've had in the Philippines. The lemon filling was just the right mix of tart, creaminess and it wasn't too sweet! Really great value too at only Php49 each, and cheaper when you buy it in a Sampler box.  It's even better than some of the Tarte Au Citrons I've had in Paris.  just saying.

Note: I haven't tried the Chocolate and Cappuccino Pies, but if it's anything like the Lemon Pie, I'd be really happy.

Pie Face Eastwood
Ground Floor of Techno Plaza 2 
Eastwood City

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