Friday, November 28, 2014

My Top Picks from Breakfast at Antonio's

I was lucky enough to spend half of last week in Tagaytay for work.
This was our view from our hotel room.
Aside from achieving what we set out to accomplish on the work front, it was also a good break for everyone.
Fortunate to be part of this great team of leaders, waiting to be seated
so we could have dinner at Breakfast at Antonio's.
I've been to Antonio's before, you can read about it here and while I enjoyed it, I wasn't as impressed with the food as the real Antonio's, which you can also read about here. It was only in my recent visits (because we went twice! yes! it was that good!) that I discovered that perhaps I was just not ordering the right thing.

Since servings are known to be quite generous, four of us decided to order different dishes to share among us.
We ordered Fresh Corned Beef with scalloped potatoes.
I think this was normal, and if you actually crave for corned beef,
you can go to Old Swiss Inn which is just beside our office.
Then we ordered two servings of tapa, because everyone was raving about
it, but I found it to be normal. A disadvantage to having a mom who makes
great tapa. 
Then we also ordered Homemade Chorizo which I loved.
Burst of flavor in every bite. Serving was super generous too.
Now, I wouldn't be known in the office as the "Panggitna (food for sharing) Champ" if I didn't order something for the everyone to share... so I did.
My choice was the Portobello Mushroom Wheat Toast topped with Foie Gras
and served with two eggs. It was the bomb! 
This is what my Sampler Plate looked like after everything was allocated.
The Portobello Mushroom toast with Foie Gras was the best!
Perfect for 4 pax to share because it's really indulgent.
We capped off the meal with a slice of Salted Caramel Cheesecake
(to share!). It went really well with the decaf americano.
Luckily, on our last day in Tagaytay, our Bulalo lunch was upgraded to
Breakfast at Antonio's. Here's the wonderful team I work with,
photo bomber waiter not included.
This time around, I only found 1 person to share with, and I focused only
on my two favorite dishes. The Chorizo and the Portobello Foie Gras toast.
This dish is definitely brings my view of Breakfast at Antonio's
to the same level as the famous original restaurant! just saying.

Breakfast at Antonio's
Aguinaldo Highway, 
Bagong Tubig, Tagaytay 4120
Phone:(046) 413 0975
Reservations not accepted

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