Friday, January 15, 2016

Craftsy Afternoon at Common Room in Katipunan

I love doing craftsy things... if only I had the time to do more crafts, I would. You can read about my different projects here.

So finding a store, with different paper and craftsy stuff is like heaven, or a black hole - because you can literally leave me there for hours, for me.

I was so happy to discover Common Room in Katipunan. It's a small cozy place, with a lot of different concessionaires who all share a love of crafting.

It's right beside this hister cafe too, so you can also enjoy a good cup of coffee.

In places like this, I normally ask the barista what they would recommend, and they recommended I try the Piccolo. Quite good, I must say.

I will definitely come back if I have an afternoon weekend free to indulge in crafting and coffee. just saying.

Common Room
325 F dela Rosa, Loyola Heights, 
Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila

Equatorial Coffee
325 Miranda Building, 
Katipunan Avenue Corner Dela Rosa Street, 
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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