Sunday, January 31, 2016

Highlights from Semarang, Solo, and Singapore

Life was so busy after the holidays, I didn't get a chance to travel for work until last week. That was a very welcome, more than a month's rest for me.

Last week, it was back to the daily grind, flying off on Sunday to make it in time for a market visit to Semarang and Solo in Java, Indonesia, with meetings in Singapore on Thursday, heading back home to wrap up the week on Friday. It was so tiring, I did nothing but sleep since I got home, and on Monday, I fly to Singapore again. 

Paradise Dynasty. Officially my favorite restaurant when I transit at
Changi Airport. Located in Terminal 3 Public Area.

The great thing about flying to different places in Indonesia, is we not only see the local market, but also the cultural highlights in the areas we visit.

In Semarang, we visited Lawang Sewu or A Thousand Doors, the old Headquarters of the Dutch East Indies Railway Company. I think it was the oldest Railway Station in Indonesia, but don't quote me on that. What I am definitely sure of, is the place got it's name from the numerous doors in the place, 972 I think, just 28 short of a thousand, and that it has a reputation for being haunted.

We also got a chance to visit Sam Poo Kong Temple. Interestingly, Admiral Zheng He, was a Muslim explorer from Mainland China, who first brought Islam to Indonesia.

We traveled by land to Solo, which is the hometown of the current Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, also called (Jokowi). We visited the Keraton Solo, or Solo Palace, where one of the two remaining symbolic kings in Java still reside.

I love the bright blue doors of the Palace,
with Angie in our matching stylish pants and gold sandals.
The English Tour group in front of the Wedding Pavillion at the Palace.
Thanks for sharing your ride, Pak Marlan.

I had many good meals during the trip, but it seems like my mouth was faster than my camera. Hahaha. So, sorry, no evidence, except for our last meal in Solo, which was really, really yummy.
Nasi Liwet from the DIY Station, where you take some rice cooked in
coconut milk, put some cooked shredded papaya on top, shredded chicken,
hard boiled egg and coconut cream, which I ate with a side of some sour beef,
and vegetables with sambal. Two Thumbs Up!!!
Dessert was yummy too, with homemade Ice Cream,
and Fried Banana topped which chocolate sprinkles and cheese (I love Keju!).

We arrived in Singapore just in time for a late dinner on Wednesday night.
Thanks Tim for sharing with us your baked Mont D'Or craving.
Ooops, not in photo, but blog post on Bistro du Sommelier to follow.
Thursday turned out to be such a hectic day, work-wise, we decided to go after some retail therapy post work, so another late dinner it was.
Thank you Spize at River Valley, for being the Go-To-Late-Dinner place,
for 6 years now. 
Fingers crossed my trip next week will give me more time to breathe, in between work, shopping and more great meals. just saying.

Lawang Sewu
Komplek Tugu Muda, 
Jalan Pemuda, 
Jawa Tengah 13220, 

Sam Poo Kong Temple
Central Java

Keraton Solo
Solo Kecamatan Pasar Kliwon, 
Jawa Tengah 57144, 

Paradise Dynasty Changi Airport
 #03-32 Terminal 3, 
65 Airport Blvd, 
Singapore 819663

Bistro du Sommelier
Rilette Bar
53 Armenian St, 
Singapore 179940

Spize at River Valley Road
409 River Valley Rd, 
Singapore 248307

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