Friday, January 29, 2016

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, for Authentic Vietnamese Food in Pasir Panjang

When I lived and worked in Singapore, our office relocated from the City Center, where we had a lovely view of Clarke Quay from our pantry which I enjoyed with my morning coffee everyday, to the extreme West, where we had a view of Indonesia, ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. I clearly wan't working in the city center anymore!

We were one of the first tenants that moved in, and there was barely anywhere decent to eat in Mapletree Business City. For close to two years, we had to choose between a sandwich (in fairness, there were a lot of sandwich shops), Steak, or the stinky food court (seriously, there was something wrong with the exhaust which is so bad, it will scar you for life!). Hahaha, so clearly, we ate a lot of steak, whenever our schedules would allow it.

With my recent change in roles, I've been visiting our Singapore office again for work. Things have started to look up, because Ben and Jerry's and Coffee is now free in our office! Hooray! 
I used to have to pay for this! Since it's now Free of Charge, I have 2 half
scoops every day I'm in Singapore for work, and around 3 cups of
Skinny Cappuccino.

Another good thing is there are more eating options around the office. My friend Dung, took and treated me to a Vietnamese Hole in the Wall place, Uncle Ho Tuckshop, a few buildings down the street. Ironically, I was travelling to Ho Chi Minh City for work the next day, but he reassured me that Pho at Uncle Ho's was even more authentic than Pho in Ho Chi Minh.

Dry Pho and Beef Pho with Soup. Yummy!
Dung ordered Pork Chop, and since he is a frequent customer,
we got a free Fried Pork Dish too!
Many thanks for lunch Dung, and Thanks for introducing me to this place.

I can't wait to take my boss to lunch here because he loves noodles, and I honestly think it's a level up from the not-so-stinky-anymore food court, where we sometimes still eat. just saying.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop
01-04 Behn Meyer Building, 
100 Pasir Panjang Rd, 
Singapore 118518

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