Friday, January 8, 2016

UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe

I am cleaning through my back log of planned posts and let me tell you that there are a lot!!! and I decided to do the one on the UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe first.

They say, Japan is the new Hong Kong, for Filipinos at least, given it's accessibility now that the Japanese Embassy gives out longer duration visas, it's accessibility through Budget Airline carriers, and the currency which makes things quite affordable.

We personally love visiting Japan, Osaka in particular, especially since it's so easy to get around neighboring places, like Kyoto and Kobe, which we visit quite often for our Kobe Steak fix. You can read about our last trip here, when we went during Cherry Blossoms Season. You can also read about our favorite Hole in the Wall, family-style Kobe Steak Restaurant here.

Since I personally try to do something new every visit, I was quite excited to discover that there is a UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe. Since we were a bit limited on time, my daughter dragged her grandfather with her to go to the Kawasaki Good Times World and Kobe Maritime Museum, while Ady, Ma and Auntie Celit when with me to the UCC Museum, partly because I told them there was less walking involved, since it was closer to the train station. You can read about the Kawasaki Museum here.

UCC Coffee World from the Train
Still counted as Cherry Blossom Season when we visited
Coffee Museum on Coffee Road. Beat That.
Entrance Fee for Adults is JPY300 inclusive of
Coffee Tasting (around Php120 or less than US$3).  

I didn't realize the Coffee Tasting was only at certain hours, so be sure to do this when they have it available and adjust your visit to look around the museum accordingly.
Good thing I started appreciating black coffee.
Ma and Ady couldn't finish theirs. Hahaha.

Here are some of the things that caught my attention during our Museum visit.
Real Coffee Plants. The cool thing is that you can buy
them from the Museum Shop.

After the visit, there is an interactive area, where you can take an online quiz (the questions change, by the way) to get your Dr. Coffee Certificate.
Yes, they will take your photo too!!!
Kids can also do this commemorative stamp as a souvenir.
Auntie Celit didn't drink her free coffee so I had round 2.
The nice ladies still served me even if it was past the tasting hours.

If you miss the Coffee Tasting, you can always grab some coffee at the UCC Cafe.

My favorite part of any Museum, has always been and will always be the Museum Shop.
This one is on the small side, in fact, it's just a counter.
But they still do have cool merchandise, Drip Coffee, insulated tumblers,
espresso cups and live coffee plants included.
So cool, that I still managed to spend this much. Hahaha.

An added bonus of visiting the UCC Coffee Museum in Kobe is right across the train station, they have an IKEA Store. Based on my observation, IKEA in Japan is priced lower vs IKEA in Singapore, but for us Filipinos, any IKEA is always a welcome sight since we don't have it in our country yet.
Another bonus of visiting this museum, is that the train you take,
is above ground, so you get bonus sightseeing too of the Kobe Harbor.
That's actually the Kawasaki World Museum in the photo.

If you're a coffee lover like me, a visit to the UCC Coffee Museum, when you're in Kobe is a Must. just saying.

UCC Coffee Museum Kobe
6 Chome-6-2 Minatojima Nakamachi, 
Chuo Ward, Kobe, 
Hyogo Prefecture 650-0046, 

When using the JR, Hankyu or Hanshin Dentetsu Line
Get off at the Sannomiya Station. 
Take the Port Liner bound for Kitafuto from the Sannomiya Station and get off at the Minamikoen Station. Exit the ticket gate and walk straight. Turn right at the exit and climb the overhead bridge. One minute on foot.

Closed on Mondays and Day After Public Holidays

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