Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brazo de Mercedes Cupcakes from Mylene's in Marikina

Marikina is close enough to where I live, but not really part of my usual haunts, so in the past, we would normally go to Marikina to eat, if there was anything we would crave for or if there are new places we'd like to try.

Rustic Mornings is one of our brunch favorites which you can read about here, but there were also a lot of other good places we visited when we went on our Marikina Food Trip which you can read about here.

I now find myself in Marikina more often since the idea of Wanderlust Sandals became a reality, and on one of my trips there, I saw another branch of Mylene's, a favorite Ensaymada place in Marikina, so of course I had to stop.

Not only did I score some freshly baked ensaymada, which they were serving it fresh from the oven, since they had so many orders for Christmas (during that time), the ensaymada never even made it to their shelves, I found some new discoveries too.

They have different flavors of ensaymada, but I was
happy enough to stick to the classic.
Php180/box of 6

My favorite discovery was their Brazo De Mercedes Cupcakes. Look at those tall yummy brazos, in single serve sizes to boot. Quite good value too at Php50 per piece.
I just bought one to try but I am sure I will be back for more.
Just like the real brazo, that custard cuts through the meringue generously
from top too bottom. Php240/box of 6

I was also excited to try their Tres Leches Cupcake. I think Sof liked it more than I did, but only because I already have a standard I am comparing it too. I remember I even attempted to make my own Tres Leches cake last year because I wasn't able to find what I was looking for commercially. You can read about that here.
Tres Leches Cupcake
Php270/Box of 6

Now I have another reason to go to Marikina, or put another way, I have another thing to add to my to buy list when I find myself there. just saying.

Mylene's Ensaymada
RANCHO BRANCH: Ruby's Bldg. #36 Lilac St. Rancho 1 corner hacienda heights, Marikina City (Rancho 1 gate entrance).
Monday to Saturday 8am-9pm

IPIL BRANCH: 51 Ipil St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City (Infront of Infant Jesus School New Building).
Monday to Sunday 8am-9pm

CALUMPANG BRANCH: 12 Calderon St. Calumpang Marikina City. (along cafe lydia)
Monday to Sunday 8am-9pm

XAVIERVILLE BRANCH: 98a Xavierville Avenue corner Esteban Abada Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Monday to Saturday 9am-8:30pm

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