Saturday, March 9, 2013

Modern Toilet is a Must Try Themed Restaurant in Taipei

Taipei has a lot of themed restaurants and one of the more interesting or funny ones is the Modern Toilet Restaurant in XiMenDing (even if toilet humor is not your thing).

When I read reviews about this place, I wanted to try it because it was very near our hotel. But when I asked Sofia if she wanted to go, she would always answer "Yuck!!!"  but with a very mischievous smile that means yes - but she won't be caught dead saying so. Hahaha. 

Our happy compromise was we would eat lunch at the Toilet Restaurant, than have tea afterwards at Wa Wa Wow (Doll Forest Cafethe Stuffed Toy themed cafe). Sofia was the one who kept on nagging us to eat at the Toilet restaurant already (in the guise of - so she could go to the soft toy cafe after).

Modern Toilet Restaurant in XiMenDing
It's actually on the second floor.
Entrance on the side street on the right.
You won't miss the toilet with giant shit.
The place is quite popular with locals and tourists alike, so there is a landing on the second floor area where you can wait for your table.
Poopy-face while waiting - thanks to Shilin Night Market for my nice tights!
(except my dad didn't include the toilet in the picture).
This is where we were seated while waiting.
A better poopy-face shot.
We were told that the wait was around 20 minutes and I was willing to move to another place for lunch because I already took enough poopy-face pics to satisfy my to-do list. Hahaha. Sort of like when I put a Museum on my to-visit list, my real destination is really the Museum Shop.
This is how the restaurant looks.
People seating on toilets and eating on tubs.

My family said it was okay to wait so we could try it out (so obviously I wasn't the only one who wanted to eat here!)
The also have a whole merchandise selection just like Din Tai Fung.
The bigger items were displayed here, like the giant poopy pillows.

We had to take a picture when we were finally seated.
Imagine having lunch in the bathroom.
Complete with shower, bath tub table that sits six (on toilets).
The tub table is cool. You can draw or right a message and drop it in.
Sofia wrote her name on so many cards. Hahaha.
You order by writing on the menu with the whiteboard marker.
There's an option to top-up NT$40 to have your drink served in a urinal
that you can bring home.

It was only upon ordering that we realized that this place was really good value. Each main course was served with a free drink (I couldn't resist ordering one in a urinal for Sofia, since the drink came free anyway). You have a choice between Hot or Cold, Green or Black, Sweetened or Unsweeted Tea. Each main course also comes with free Ice Cream for dessert.
My dad was very happy with the Seafood Hotpot
he ordered. 
The Seafood HotPot was served in a heated toilet to keep it hot.
Ma and Ady ordered Au Gratin dishes that was served with soup.
Sofia and Ninang enjoying the soup.
I ordered the Beef Curry because they said the curries were their best seller.
It's filling even if you don't eat the rice and soup.
They serve it with pickled veggies covered by shit.
Sofia ordered a side order of Chicken Nuggets in a squat toilet
(which she had as her main course) with the drink in the urinal tumbler.
Hahaha. Cool.
Can you see how much this little girl is enjoying the restaurant she
refers to as "Yuck!!!" hahaha.
Ady ordered the creamy chicken au gratin which she said was good.
Me drinking from Sofia's urinal,
with her doing a pukey face at the back.
(I think she was just caught mid-cough)
Family picture with all our food.
My daughter washed her hands after eating and
dragged me to see the toilet sink.
The only disappointing thing is that the real toilet
is a squat toilet. Booo.
All meals came with soft serve Ice Cream in a squat toilet.
I was too full for dessert so I just used mine for a photo.
Eating Shit. Literally.
Only my dad finished his Ice Cream.
This place was such a hit with him.
Our total bill was only NT$1210 (Php1,660).

Surprisingly, the food was good enough and the price was reasonable too for a themed restaurant that you visit for the experience. I wouldn't mind coming back. They delivered finding the funny in shit really well. just saying.

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