Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Original Four Seasons Restaurant (for the Best Duck in the World) in Queensway, London

During my last trip to Bangkok, which was just last January, our family's new favorite restaurant was Four Seasons in Siam Paragon, for their boneless roast duck. You can read about that here.

At the back on my mind, I knew that the Original restaurant that made them famous was from London, but I didn't really plan on visiting it when Ady and I went last February because she's not really a duck person, and we just had too much on our To Eat List.

I think it was just serendipitous that we discovered The Original Four Seasons a few doors from The Royal Hyde Park Hotel  where we were staying in Queensway, and we arrived on Chinese New Year too, so I just told Ady, I think it was meant to be for us to celebrate welcoming the lunar new year here.
The Four Seasons in Queensway had a long take away line when we arrived,
but we were immediately seated because it was just 6:30pm when we went.
They have this on their menu.
People were lining up for this.
Since it was Chinese New Year and we were celebrating,
Ady and I sort of over-ordered. Hahaha.
I had a portion of their boneless roast duck, our favorite from Bangkok.
Then we ordered crispy pork belly for Ady since she doesn't eat duck,
but it wasn't really that crispy.
Then we ordered Salt and Pepper Prawn which was so good.
Note to self: must order this again in whatever country.
And we also ordered Fookien Fried Rice, but the server mixed it up before
I took a proper picture.
This was really a feast to welcome the new year.
I'm glad Ady agreed to eat here. Though ambiance wise, it feels just like
a normal busy Chinese Restaurant. In Thailand, the ambiance is nicer.
Duck overload. No complaints from me, but even the Fookien Rice had big
duck chunks mixed in.
In London, after dinner, you always get free orange slices and a fortune cookie.

What I really wanted to try was the Peking Duck with Pancake - but they had no portion of this, so I ended up coming back on a day that Ady had other plans so I could try their Crispy Duck with Pancake instead.
The duck was served - looking like the Chinese version of duck confit,
but I was again too slow for the server, so there was no picture before he
shredded it.
I prefer the Boneless Roast Duck, but for a change, it's also nice to eat
duck in pancake form.
No judgement, but I ate the whole portion. Gone in 3 overstuffed pancakes!
That was such a great dinner date with myself, and it only cost GBP11.30!

I was really glad it was just beside the hotel we stayed in. For that reason alone, I will always try to stay at The Royal Hyde Park Hotel again whenever we're in London. just saying.

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