Sunday, February 15, 2015

Four Seasons for the Best Roast Duck in Bangkok (Boneless Pa!)

One of our new favorites, a newly discovered restaurant in Bangkok is Four Seasons, recommended by my friend Jay, famous for their Boneless Roast Duck.

Interestingly, Four Seasons originates from London, and since I really love Chinese food in London, I agree with Uncle Joel (who we used to visit all the time when he and my aunt lived in London) that London really has the best Chinese food, much better than China, but I must admit, Hong Kong comes close.
The UK Financial Times edition has declared Four Seasons to have
the best roast duck in the world!

Before we left, I did my research, and I saw that the Four Seasons branch in Siam Paragon doesn't accept reservations, and they're quite popular because they serve good food and their pricing is reasonable.

Siam Paragon is around a 15-20 minute walk (through a short cut alley) from the CentrePoint Hotel where we were staying (you can read about our stay here) and we planned to arrive early because we knew it might get crowded.
We arrived before 7pm and we already had to wait in line for an hour!
There were 5 of us which automatically put us on the queue for big tables,
and they only had 5 of them, so since we were 5th or 6th in line, it was a long wait.
The restaurant is right across the Harrod's booth.

Sofia got hungry while we were waiting in line, so I decided to take her to After You, a dessert place also recommended by Jay, so we could have dessert before dinner. It's a good thing we decided to do that too because there was also such a long queue at After You that ordering their famous Honey Shibuya Toast to go is the only way to enjoy without waiting forever again!
I was quite impressed at their packaging. There was one
bag of dry ice for the ice cream and cream, while the freshly
cooked toast was in a separate container and had its own bag.
It's a bit difficult to share with Fi though coz she only wanted to eat the
toast, so I had to eat my Honey Shibuya Toast on Ice Cream.
It was still yummy despite the lack of ambiance.

By the way, if you want to enjoy the best Boneless Roast Duck in the world without queuing for a table, you can also do what we did at After You. I considered convincing the parents to do this, but it seems like such a waste to picnic on good food in a cramped hotel room just because I was impatient.
The take out counter is at the back of the restaurant. You'll see it if you go
to After You.

Since we were waiting for an hour, we already knew what we wanted to order as soon as we got seated.
The restaurant is not too big, that's why you have to wait long, and only the
center tables are for big groups. The lady at the reception took pity on us
and squeezed 5 of us in a table for 4 so we could already eat.
We ordered a Full Roasted Duck. I was definitely worth the wait.
Quite affordable too at 1,180Baht.
I think a half duck is 680Baht and a portion is 380Baht.
My dad, who is quite set in his ways, and has his own
favorites, who normally just humors me when were travelling
really loved this place.
I agree that it's the Best Duck in the World that I've ever tried.
The meat was so tasty and juicy, and the skin was so light and crisp.
Some of the other dishes we ordered were also good.
Crispy Pork Belly (served with strong mustard)
Yang Chow Fried Rice with big pieces of fresh shrimp
These are the dishes I personally did not like.
Morning Glory (Kang Kong) with Shrimp Paste
I found this too fishy for my taste but Papa and Auntie Celit liked it.
I found the Salt and Pepper Squid too tough and way below standard
compared to their other dishes, but Mama finished it anyway.
The carnage.
Food Coma
This is now definitely on my must eat list in Bangkok. I just need to make sure I convince Ady that their other dishes are good, or that duck is really chicken duck - which is how I got Sofia to eat duck (when she said she didn't eat duck) when she was much younger.

If I remember correctly, I was convincing Sofia she eats chicken duck when we were eating in a Chinese Restaurant in London's Chinatown, and she loved it. You can read my post on that here

To further my claim that London has the best Chinese food, you can also read my post on Royal China at Raffles here, one of my favorite weekend dimsum places in Singapore, that also originates from London. So therefore I really think it's true. The best Chinese Food is from London. just saying.

Four Seasons
Location: Floor G, Siam Paragon
Mass Transit: BTS Siam
Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 daily
Phone: +66 (0) 2610 9578

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