Monday, January 1, 2018

Brunei Day Trip Highlights

Last year, I took a few months break from blogging, so I have quite a backlog. This year, I want to start the year right, with good blogging intentions, which hopefully I will be able to sustain, so here is my post on our Day Trip to Brunei.

You may be wondering why we only did a day trip, well, I went for work to check out the market opportunities there, so we were only there for a day, with some drive thru sightseeing along the way.

It was my first time in Brunei, and if there is one important tip you need to remember, it's that the Brunei Dollar is pegged against the Singapore Dollar, which means, Singapore Dollars are widely accepted in Brunei. So instead of changing currency upon arrival, just make sure you have Singapore dollars (which I didn't have.... Toink!). 

If you're Pinoy, your first stop (or last) should be the Jollibee right outside
the airport.
The chicken joy here is better than the one in the Philippines!
They have Chicken Strips too (which I missed) but don't order that,
It's not as tasty as the Chicken Joy. Bring Cash. Cards not Accepted.

Our first detour for a quick photo op was the Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque which is known as one of the most beautiful mosques in the Asia Pacific.

Our host, Jay!

We also passed by in front of the Istana Nurul Iman the palace of Sultan Bolkiah.

Then we did a quick look around The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei's famous 6-Star Hotel where you can stay for the low, low price of US$200. Seriously. That is such a steal.

We didn't have anytime to check out the rooms, but if the hotel lobby is any indication, it does look like a nice place to visit, especially given the cost.

We also drove by Kampong Ayer, a community of houses on stilts built on the Brunei River dubbed "Venice of the East" but I didn't get to take a photo because we were in the car, and it didn't remind me of Venice at all. Hahaha.

Of course, no visit is complete without stopping in a
souvenir store. Lolo Pete got this cute monkey for his
newly born grandson.

It was a very productive day trip, given that we fulfilled our work objectives, did some drive thru sightseeing, bought some souvenirs, had a good Chinese lunch, and made it back to KL in time for dinner too. 

Thank you Jay Jerrick PJ boy for arranging. Next time we go back let's stay at The Empire. just saying.

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