Friday, January 5, 2018

Paris Revisited Spring 2017

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit Paris twice.
I am actually seriously considering going again next week to sort out a bank issue. (Don't bank with HSBC, they only bring headaches!!!) But I digress, here are the highlights of our family trip last Spring.

I insisted we stay in the Montmartre area as I am most at home in Line's neighborhood, unfortunately, we were such a big group, we didn't fit in her extra room. Her location is so much better that the apartment we got in Rue Lepic, as I didn't realize Rue Lepic was so long, we ended up quite a hike up the mountain, already across Moulin de la Galette!!!

Of course I had to bring the fambam to my favorite quiche place.
I actually dream about this!!!

My wanderlust ballerines in Emerald Snakeskin match
the door.

Every trip to Paris, I visit La Vallee Village. It's like my long lost friend. Hahaha. Take note, they are open on Sundays... and there is a Primark (which opened the day we were leaving) in the mall right beside it.

Amorino Gelato is love.

Sofia rocking my new Julia clutch.

Another Paris staple is a meal at Leon de Bruxelles.

L'Ardenaise is my abosolute favorite dish!

On our last day, we actually had nothing on our agenda, so we asked Sof to choose, and we ended up at Musee D'Orsay. What can I say, my kid grew up doing Museum Trails (mostly on free museum days) but it sure made her cultured.  

Tip: the best seats to rest are near the clock.

This is where my dad napped and waited for us, 18 years
ago, because he would rather nap then enter another
bloody museum. Hahaha.
Take Note that you can enter Musee D'Orsay (and the Louvre and Pompidou too!) for free every first Sunday of the month. So if you are kuripot like me, you can just plan your trip accordingly. Kids enter free everyday.

Another Paris staple for me, is a visit to my Line, my French maman. She's so nice, she not only feeds me, she feeds my whole family too.
Line's homemade berry jam and pain perdu (forgotten bread or what we know
as French Toast)
 is the bomb. 
Thank you so much for having us Line.
Paris always feels like home, that's why there's another Paris Revisited Winter 2017 post coming. just saying.

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