Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sofia's Unboxing Series: 7-11 x Gudetama Summer Time DIY Chocolates

I just came from a business trip to Bangkok, where I didn't really get a chance to shop, so I panic-shopped at 7-11 instead. One of my coolest finds was this 7-11 x Gudetama Summer Time box. I wasn't really sure what it was, but for 25Baht, what the heck right? It turned out to be such a winner find.

This is Sofia's unboxing photo-journal.
*all the photos were taken by Sofia (except for the action shots taken by Ninang Ady)

you only need hot water

then you need to put it in the freezer

The box makes 2 sets. Sof and Ninang Ady were too lazy to use the chocolate tube for adding the details. Since I thought this post was incomplete without it, I made a deal to use the second set, in exchange for buying more, since I am flying back to Thailand this week.

Sofia's Review:
The chocolate is a bit hard to mold because you need to make sure that the chocolate is flat. It tastes very yummy, a little on the sweet side. Gudetama is orange flavored white chocolate!

It must really be good because I have strict instructions to look for this and hoard more on my trip next week. just saying. 

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