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Best Inexpensive Places to get Really Good Roast Duck in Macau

I've been really under the weather, a bug (from Timothy See!!!) caught all of us when we were in Misibis Bay, so despite the holiday from work, I've actually been sleeping the days away, on sick leave from blogging due to the really troublesome cough and cold virus that I caught. So that explains the backlog on the blog posts recently.

I've had several posts lined up from my previous Macau and HK, which includes one on where to get good quality yet inexpensive duck from Macau. 

I tried two places when I was there, and I highly recommend both. The first place is the more popular one of the two. It's included in the list of where to eat in Macau on several blogs and is very centrally located within 10 minutes walk from Senado Square.

Chan Kong Kei Casa de Pasto specializes in Black Pepper Duck. 
It's located on Rua do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo, and funnily
enough, our cab driver did not understand the English
street name, but when we said Chan Kong Kei
he knew exactly where to take us.
As you can see, the English on the sign isn't very clear, but it's easy enough
to find the only eating place with a long line...
and hanging roast duck.
We arrived at the place around 2:30pm and it was still this busy.
You just line up, and when it's your turn, they'll ask you if you want a table,
or if you're ordering take away.
The menu is on the wall and they have it both in Chinese and English
so it's easy to point at what you want to order.
Share a coke with O Dear, in this popular busy casual restaurant.
This was a late lunch after a late brunch of Pork Chop Buns and Egg Tarts
for dessert so I wasn't really hungry.
I ordered the Black Pepper Duck Rice 33MOP (US$4.12).
The serving was on the small side, so if you're hungry, best to do short order
for 40MOP (US$5) and order rice on the side. Though the pieces were meaty.
Another plus is the skin was crisp, and it had very little fat under,
so you could eat it with no guilt.
Ady, who's not a fan of duck ordered the steamed chicken short order,
unfortunately, we didn't realize it's served cold (starter style),
so she didn't really like it, good thing she wasn't hungry. Hahaha.
This was our bill, coke included, so for a popular
place within the city center, I think it's very affordable.
To compare, we paid double for our Pork Chop Bun brunch.
Once you're done, you just take your bill to the cashier by the exit and
pay before you leave.
The thing I really liked about Chan Kong Kei was the way they roasted the duck in Black Pepper. It's not exactly the same as the Black Pepper Sauce (used for Beef or Crab) in Singapore which is stronger because all the flavor is in the sauce, but here you do taste the subtle flavor. If you love duck, which I do, this also gives you variety, so you don't get too sick of eating the same thing over and over again.

The second duck place that we really enjoyed is more of a hole-in-the-wall and off the beaten track. We discovered this place because it's my dad's favorite. They discovered it on one of their trips when the hotels were full and they ended up staying at (Fu Hua Guangdong Hotel) a crappy hotel for one night, and this place was close by. After that, they would go back to Macau and retrace their steps so they can get food from this place again.
Before leaving for Macau, my dad made me a sketch from his hazy memory, a picture of the place, and several clues on how to find this place, with a caveat that he's not sure, but I should find it somewhere near all that. Parang treasure hunt lang but the come on was really good Lechon Macau (Roast Pork) which is Ady's favorite, in addition to the really good Roast Duck for me.

Here is what we had to work with:

Clue Number 1: The duck place is near Avenue Horta dela Costa.
Reality: There is no Avenue Horta dela Costa in Macau. Hahaha. You need to look for Avenue Horta E Costa. 

Clue Number 2: Take a bus from Senado Square (away from Sintra Hotel) and get down right after the bus turns once it hits Horta E Costa.
On the bus! This was easy enough to do.

Clue Number 3: The place is behind McDonald's (can't remember direction, so just walk the whole block) - true.
Clue Number 4: Cross the main avenue when you get to Horta E Costa. - false, no need to do this. But since we did this first, we saw the crappy hotel they stayed in, and we felt we were in the correct neighborhood.

Clue Number 5: Picture of the place that's not a selfie.
Reality: there is a Bank of China on every street corner, however, we didn't find green sign, P.S. or motorcycle parking, so in desperation, we decided to cross the big avenue back to where we started, and we did a last ditch effort to circle the block from that side.
Papa's most helpful clue.
Hooray! Finally we found it!
And for all my blog readers who love duck, here's the street name,
so you can google maps it. Or you can always just follow our clues,
if you feel like going on a Treasure Hunt for Roast Meat.
We arrived around 730pm, and there was a line.
The difference between this and the first place is I think
the ones lining up were mostly locals since it's such a
hole in the wall.
I think you need to come earlier to make sure they don't
run out of stuff. I can imagine him just closing up
when the food all sells out.
There was only this small piece of Lechon Macau left.
And half a roast duck.

When it's your turn to order, you sort of play charades to show how much food you want. So he'll put a chunk of duck on the chopping board and ask if you're ok. Since Ady doesn't eat duck, I just acted out that I only wanted half. Then we did the same with the pork.
Ooooh, look at all this yummy duck and duck sauce.
Ady and her favorite lechon macau.
Lechon Macau over Roast Duck.

The only catch is they don't have an eating area. Ma and Pa said they have another branch a street away, with one or two tables, but we weren't really up to doing more treasure hunt clues!
Ady and I on the bus back, with our precious take away.
Clue Number 6:
Picture of the food from Papa.
Picture of our food.
Reality: Masmatakaw sila. Hahaha.

I couldn't eat or photograph my food without proper plating.
Roast duck with duck sauce over white rice
Just like lunch, I got really good pieces.
It was totally worth the treasure hunt, so if you find yourself in Macau, just follow my footsteps, you can skip the getting lost parts. just saying.

Chan Kong Kei Casa de Pasto
19 Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo, Macau

Loja de Carnes Assadas
Rua de Pedro Coutinho

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