Monday, December 1, 2014

Au Petit Sud Ouest for the best Foie Gras Meal in Paris

I love foie gras. So what better way to start the season of eating, than with an ode to foie gras, and where to have it - not just as a starter, but as a really great meal, in Paris.

When I went to Paris, I think I probably had Foie Gras in some form at least once every day. That's how much I love it. But when I was researching where to have the best Foie Gras, a place that came up many times, was Au Petit Sud Ouest.
In addition to being famous for Foie Gras, they are known to have toasters,
on each table, so you can heat your own bread as required.

Reservations are required for Au Petit Sud Ouest, in fact, while I was there, I overheard them turn away several walk-ins and I also heard them on the phone apologizing for not having any more tables available for the same night.
The Restaurant is very near the Tour Eiffel, I arrived
earlier than my reservation, so I opted to have an overpriced
Cappuccino at the Cafe across the street instead.

When I arrived, I gave them my name and told them I had a reservation, so I was told to wait a bit, then I was finally seated.
I was given a table near the entrance, across the deli,
that's why I overheard them turning away a lot of people.
They have a deli where you can buy Foie Gras to bring home if you're unable
to get a table, or if you just to bring home some more after your meal.

You can also refer to the above pictures to see what the restaurant looks and feels like since I was trying to blend in (like a local), and not stand out looking like a tourist by taking pics of everything. Hahaha.
Though I may have given myself away, when I asked for the English menu.
I normally survive ordering in French, but for something as important as Foie Gras,
I didn't want to order the wrong thing by mistake.

The place is decorated with a lot of duck accents.

Since they had two of my indugent favorites, I opted to order the Pan-fried Foie Gras with truffle sauce.
Foie Gras x Fresh Truffle = LOVE
The serving was easily 4 or 5 times what you'd get when you order
Pan Seared Foie Gras from a restaurant in Manila.
It went so well too with the freshly toasted bread.

The only catch though was that I was travelling alone. So after I finished half the serving (1 slice), I really started feeling drunk... 
and I just had water!!!
I started googling on my phone - on whether eating too much Foie Gras can kill you, or cause a heart attack, but my search yielded nothing except how bad it is (for the ducks or the goose) when you eat foie gras because they're force fed and all that stuff...
So since, I couldn't really ask them to doggy bag this for me, and not be judged,
I ate it anyway. Hahaha. Sure felt like I would never eat foie gras this year.
But I still did...
I couldn't let those force fed animals die in vain, right?
At least, this way, they died to feed a really happy me. 

Since I wasn't sure if I would be full enough if I just ate the Foie Gras (note to readers, if you're not sharing... yes! you will be full enough), and I also didn't want to be judged for making a reservation, and just ordering a started, I ordered a salad as well.

I was deciding between the Goat Cheese or the Mushroom salad, and my server told me it would be better to have the mushroom salad as the goat cheese would be too rich. I guess, she didn't want to have to bring me to the ER from over indulgence. Hahaha.
The mushroom salad was huge!
I think I just ate most of the mushrooms, because I was so full.
My bill was a very reasonable at less than 35Euros!

That was really the BEST Foie Gras Meal I've ever had... and I can't wait to have in again in February! just saying.

Au Petit Sud Ouest
46 av. de la Bourdonnais
75007 Paris
+33 1 45 55 59 59
Reservations Required


  1. Hello! How was service? I only have a hour and 45 minutes for dinner. Thank you!

  2. Hello!

    How was service! I only have a hour and 45 minutes there :(

    1. It wasn't bad. But perhaps you can pre-order when you make a reservation if you're rushing as reservations are required especially if you come for dinner.