Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Borough Market is a foodie heaven in London

I've always loved London markets, but the markets I grew up loving are more of the shopping variety. I've been a frequent London visitor ever since my first godson was born, so the cash flow and priorities of a student (then a newly employed person paying for a driver) was very different then.

I love going to Petticoat Lane Market for discounted clothes
from High Street brands.
Then we did the Antique Days for Covent Garden (Monday),
Bermondsey (Friday morning) and Portobello (Saturday) for the gold sellers.
You can read my posts on London Markets here and here.

Back to the topic on hand, it's only recently that I added a visit to Borough Market to my standard London itinerary.

It's easily accessible through the London Bridge tube station.
A modern facade for a market that has existed since the 13th Century.
Another Borough Market entrance.
A market primarily known for Fresh Produce.
It's now open for lunch every day of the week. (Sundays only for Christmas)

Don't make the mistake of arriving hungry, because you'll have a really hard time deciding what to eat. Everything looked good to me, I was paralyzed with indecision because I wanted to see all my options first.
I bought some nectarines to snack on,
so I could make a more reasonable decision.
At the end of the day, sampling really works. These guys were giving free samples of all their dishes, and they were soooo good.
The Paella was sooooo good. 
I actually went around the whole market, then I went back to grab some
Paella for lunch.

Here are some of the other things that I thought were interesting.
Goat Cheese x Truffle
How can you go wrong with that?
One of the many Cheese Stalls
This was really interesting.
Cheese matured in wine, then some are even topped with dried fruit!
Cold cuts and sausages
Bread Sticks
One of the popular stands is there version of the Lechon.
Roast Hog aka Porchetta
I want some of those Giant Cookies these boys have!
Yummy Fudge Stand
So many Baklava options
The place is pretty crowded.
One of the issues of buying your lunch here is finding somewhere to eat it.

They have a demo kitchen every Thursday
and Friday.
So I grabbed a seat, and ate my lunch as I pretended to watch the demo.

I couldn't leave without trying the famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Kappacasein which is also a Raclette stand, which was highly recommended by a friend so I went to look for it before leaving. It's on the roadside part of the market that's why I didn't see it on my first round.
I want this for next time. Dear Raclette. See you in February.
Since the Cheese Sandwich travels well, I ordered one to try,
and for my snack. Hahaha.
It was so good.
It was only while I was waiting for my sandwich to be
prepared did I realize that the people eat their food
at the Church yard.
People picnicking on the Church yard with the Shard
in the background and Borough Market behind the fence.

Just some fair warning.
Not everything at the market looks good. They also have some weird stuff,
like Kangaroo, Crocodile or Ostrich etc burgers.
Produce that looks exactly the same, sells for a tenth of the price,
in markets elsewhere. I got this picture from Lewisham on the same day.
Too bad I forgot to take a comparative photo of Straberries in Borough -
But they were definitely more than GBP1!

Now that I've discovered Borough Market, it will definitely be part of my Must Visit London Markets! I can't wait to travel with Ady in Febraury, we will be able to try much more food because there will be two of us finishing them instead of just me! just saying.

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street, 
London, SE1 1TL

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