Friday, December 12, 2014

Jamie's Italian on Denman St. Picadilly Circus

When I went to London last April, I had a long list of things to do, or more like stores I wanted to visit. It took me literally all over the place, and sometimes, the best way to get around is on foot, but it can be really really tiring.

London's directional signs makes it very easy to get around.
I can never resist a selfie at Picadilly Circus,
though this time around the iconic Eros was under repair.
One of my must visit stores is always Lillywhites in
Picadilly Circus, a Sports discount store that offers big
discounts, I always  go, even if they sell mostly sports stuff.

Given all my errands, I really needed to sit and rest, so when I saw Jamie's Italian on Picadilly, I decided to check if they had a table for one, so I could just snack or have an early dinner, and catch my breath before I did more shopping.
Jamie's Italian on Picadilly is in this iconic building.
So iconic it even has a name and some history.
Selfie before checking if they had space for me.
But it was only when I was blogging did I find out that
this was there flagship restaurant, and it has 5 floors.
They do have nice outdoor seats too.
The menu is laid out nicely, newspaper style.
I was given a nice bar-side table.
Look at my date, Mr ham leg.
Looks yummy!
I love their understated menu pattern.
I decided to order their famous Meat Plank,
minus the recommended wine.
This is me while waiting for my Meat Plank.
And they serve it really nicely too.
Aerial View
and Up Close...
Cold Cuts
Shredded Carrots and Beets
Yummy cheese on cracker
I wasn't hungry and I only needed to rest, but everything was gone in no time.
I couldn't resist but take pics of the toilet. You know you're already a
household name when you have your own NICE BUNS Toilets.
Surprisingly, my rest was very affordable at GBP6.95
tax inclusive. It even felt like I got the food for free. 

I'd definitely want to come back to try some of their real food next time.

If you miss them, you can still catch them at Gatwick.

I considered eating there again, but the place serving Full English Breakfast called out my name louder.
Full English Breakfast as my last meal in London
But I opted to go for mushroom instead of beans

This is how I'll always remember Jamie Oliver,
as the naked chef.
Photo Credit:

But even if he's no longer naked, or he no longer looks that fab, I would still come back to his restaurant. just saying.

Jamie's Italian, Piccadilly

17-19 Denman Street

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