Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cliquish Christmas Panto 2014

We celebrated Kim's (Happy Birthday today Kim!!!) and Tim's birthday last Saturday, with a panto... yes, a panto (or lauriat) just like how our older Chinese relatives celebrate. I couldn't believe it at first, I know we sometimes prefer to meet up for lunch on Sundays (lola vibes) but panto just resonates with (ama vibes, which come to think of it is just lola in Chinese). Hahaha.

Anyway, it's definitely a level-up from our KFC celebration the year before, where we all opted to donate our Kris Kringle gifts and party budget to the victims of Yolanda. 

Our Christmas party is normally the birthday treat of the December celebrants and this year, their criteria was to find a place with a function room so we could be as noisy as we want (though that's a given in Chinese Restaurants), the benefit of the function room is we don't need to hear the other noisy tables.

This year, we ended up at Greenhills Uno Seafood Restaurant.

We even decided to come in red for a full-on GI Chinese effect.
Early birds catch the worm... more like early birds caught on camera.
Uhmmm, I think Kim forgot to tell her family about the dress code.
We only had two little cuties. Missing Ashi (and Sofia).
Belated Happy Birthday Tim!!! Ilang taon na panganay mo?
I was starving, so I was really happy when they started serving the food.
In fairness to the celebrants, we didn't get the too sophisticated to eat
panto version.

In fact, I really enjoyed some of the dishes like...
The taro duck, the taro duck, and the taro duck! Hahaha...
The shredded Chicken and Seaweed salad was not too bad.
It even came with free California Maki. That's Chinese fusion for you.
The Chicken Pie crust was really good, but the filling was a bit on the
sweet side, and it's weird that it comes with raisins.
and of course, there was Mango Sago for dessert.

After dinner, the main highlight of our Cliquish Christmas Party is the Kris Kringle. This year we actually leveled up and increased our wish list budgets by 50%.

Every year, I hope I get Chipsy! She's always traumatized
by my pranks.

Throwback to Cliquish Christmas 2009.
The ever fashionable Chipsy, requested for a super over-priced cut up plain
shirt! I couldn't get over what a rip off it was - I made her one for free.

Back to 2014.
This couple was so excited, we haven't started yet, they announced na that
their babies weren't able to make it. (We missed you Cha, Man and Ashi!)
Babies and Mommies/Daddies were all happy with our KrisKringle gifts.
Especially me because my mommy gave me an extra silver pouch,
as an attempted prank - but you can't prank the master!
and my mom splurged on the over-budget clutch I requested! Thanks Vice!
Tian's is now another favorite baby. I managed to convince her that I gave
her the (fake) gym shorts that's not cycling shorts material, and (fake)
Sodexho GCs were her real gift. She even pretended to like it!
Everyone was so convinced I just had bad taste that
I only gave her the real gifts after the picture taking.
Tians, now that the gig is up, please don't wear this to the gym, even if I said
I would. Pantulog talaga sya! Hahaha.

No reunion is complete without our group shots and for this year, the theme was Mano Po.
Chips - why are you covering my red shirt...
and Frank - ok ba madaming makulit na anak?
Thanks so much for the birthday treat Kim and Tim!

I'm glad that even if we've moved on to ama-peg celebrations, we still don't act it. Or atleast I don't. just saying.

Greenhills Uno Seafood Palace
43 Annapolis Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City 

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