Wednesday, December 31, 2014

P365 Travel Edition 2014 Wrap Up

It feels nice seeing a year long project successfully accomplished. Project 365 Travel Edition was just an idea a had more than I year ago now, in a stinky hotel room in Hong Kong, which you can read about here. After a year of constant babying (hello! constant weekend blogging, just to get the daily posts scheduled), I declare it a success.

When I started out, my goal was to at least earn 700 points. I exceeded that a long time ago. 

Here are some highlights:

I love my blog logo photo collage of the 346 unique pictures I posted in 365 days.

Interestingly, I found my post with the most number of views to be totally random.
Read all about the Giant Gyozas from Liberdade, Brazil's Japanese Town here.

The post with the next number of views was more understandable.
Read about Sofia's visit to Her Majesty and her corgi in Lego here.

The next four posts received the next highest number of roughly around the same views.

and a Thowback to Venice with the Fambam on a Traghetto in 2000.

Thank you very much for everyone who supported my project! I'm going back to regular programming in 2015 with no daily blog posts and erratic posting schedule with more travels and hopefully *fingers crossed* a more relaxing year for me. Here's to a great 2015! just saying.

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