Monday, July 9, 2012

Irvin's Live Seafood House


When we moved to Singapore, Irvin's was just walking distance from our home in River Valley. I've heard about it from friends, but since they are known for cheap(er) Sri-Lankan Crabs and I don't eat crabs, it took a year and a half for us to try it out. Whenever we had guests who wanted crabs, we always took them to Jumbo or No Signboard since those are the famous places for Singapore's Chili Crabs.

We only found ourselves at Irvin's because my doof of a brother came to visit us by train from KL. His train ride was soooooo long, his whole journey stretched out to 10 hours. We were expecting him to arrive in time for us to go to dinner but because of the delayed train arrival, only Irvin's was open for crabs when he finally arrived.

Irvin's on River Valley Road
July 2011
We ordered Salted Egg Crab.
Crab for my brother... salted egg sauce for me. It was to die for.
Just a word of advice (as my brother has reminded me)
The Damn Good Pork is NOT Damn Good!
It's just so sad that a few months after I fell in love with their Salted Egg Sauce,
they just closed down with NO warning. Boooo!
The good thing is that when you google them, you'll be able to find their new location.
It's the same Irvin's alright,
but they are now a SGD$20 cab ride away in their Upper Thompson Road location near Ang Mo Kio.

We only had the energy to explore that far because our friends who took really good care of me when I was in Sri Lanka have now moved to Singapore, and they wanted to eat Salted Egg Prawns! I told them I knew a place with to-die-for Salted Egg sauce. (It's even much better than the Salted Egg sauce of Jumbo).

We ordered for five of us and we were quite shocked
when the Salted Egg Prawn dish that arrived was this small.
We immediately rectified the problem by ordering another one.
My favorite part of the dish was the sauce. Yummy...
We ordered a Pork Dish that was also good.
Brocolli and Mushrooms for the conscience.
Yang Chow Fried Rice. (we also doubled this order).
Garlic Kai Lan (i think). 
With Pau, Luna Lakwatsera, Tala, me and Sofia.
We're trying to share with them our favorite eating and kid places in SG before we go.
Welcome to Singapore!

Thank you very much for dinner Pau and Tala... that was really good and so was the company. We can even come back more often now that we've figured out how to get there with a straight bus ride. Just Saying.

Irvin's Live Seafood House
No. 4 Jalan Leban, Upper Thomson Road 
Singapore, 577548
You can visit their website for the menu and detailed directions on getting there.

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  1. Hi Coley,

    Thanks for your support all these while!
    We're glad that you & your friends have enjoyed yourself at Irvin's.

    Hope to see you more often! :D

    Irvin's Seafood House