Thursday, January 8, 2015

To die for sauces at Shrimp Bucket

I'm not really fond of seafood, most especially the ones that need to be peeled or deboned like shrimp, but just mention salted egg sauce, or really good garlic butter, I'm game. It doesn't even matter what I need to eat it with.

So last New Year's Eve, when we were looking for somewhere to eat lunch,
we decided to try Shrimp Bucket in UP Town Center.
The restaurant doesn't have their own toilets, but they
have a wash area so you can clean your hands before and
after eating, should you opt to use them.
It was just the three of us, so we opted to order two pounds shrimp in
different sauces, coconut chicken so I have meat, with fries and garlic rice.
The fries (Php78) arrived first so we attacked it because we were starving but
it wasn't anything special.

Then the shrimps arrived, served in plastic bags.
One pound shrimps in Salty Eggsperience Sauce (Php560)
One pound shrimps in Frenchy Lemon Pepper Sauce (Php560)

I can only compare it to Escargot from France.
I'm not a fan of eating snails, but for the garlic butter in comes drenched in,
this is one of my Must Order dishes when I'm in Paris.
Photo Taken: April 2012 Le Souffle Paris

Back to the shrimp...
The Salty Eggsperience comes with a generous serving of Salted Egg Sauce.
Not quite the same as the salted egg sauce in Singapore, but equally good!
I tried ordering peeled shrimps, but they don't serve it that way.
I was expecting the peeling to be a hassle but the shrimps were big and
very fresh, so you can actually get it peeled with two tugs of the fork.
But the best thing about this dish is it converts the ok french fries,
into spectacular french fries when dipped in salted egg sauce! Yummmy!
The Chicken was also quite good. Marinated in Coconut Milk Sauce (Php225),
the serving was generous, but the flavor was more subtle in comparison to
the shrimp sauces.
However, it also turns into extra ordinary chicken once you eat it with the
salted egg sauce. I swear, that sauce is magic!
Not to be ignored is the Shrimp cooked in Frenchy Lemon Pepper Sauce.
It's also so good especially if you scoop up the sauce and you eat this much
garlic lemon butter in every bite! 
I recommend ordering the two sauces together because they provide a good contrast with each other, especially if you eat everything else in salted egg sauce like I did. By alternating between the two, you'll be able to eat much more. I really really loved this place, and since I don't even like shrimp, that's saying a lot. just saying.

Shrimp Bucket

Ground Floor, UP Town Center 
Katipunan Avenue

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