Monday, April 27, 2015

TIGER and other cute stores in Old Spitalfields Market

Shopping in Europe is very expensive, so when I find a store with a mother-load of cute stuff... at affordable prices, I really think it's worth blogging about.

When we were in London, one such store that caught my eye was Tiger. Tiger stores originate from Denmark, and they give off that "Ikea-Scandinavian-feel" with a much cuter assortment.
We first saw Tiger in Lewisham Shopping Center, then we realized that
they already had several stores in London when we also saw them at
Old Spitalfields Market.
Just to give you an idea of what they have, in the first store we visited in Lewisham, I bought Sofia a set of Velvet Pencils, and a set of Erasers in pencil form. I think they were both 99p each, which is really a steal for one-of-a-kind knick knacks.

When we saw them again at Old Spitalfields Market, I decided I wanted to
do a more comprehensive post on their assortment.
If I lived in London, or if luggage weight was not an issue, I would buy a lot
of their snacks, stroopwaffles big and small included.
Cool disguises or costumes.
Kitchen and Coffee Stuff, including a Coffee Bean Grinder, coffee drip,
filters and cups.
A big assortment of tricks and gags
They also have a lot of educational toys and crafts with a DIY component.
and in addition to the school and office supplies that they carry, they also
have Art supplies for painting and drawing.
They layout of a Tiger store is very much like Ikea - except on a much smaller
scale. It is arranged like a maze, so you're encouraged to pass through the
whole store, before you end up at the counters, before you exit.
Tiger came in really handy when we got trapped in Old Spitalfields Market without an umbrella when it started raining.
Too bad the Samurai Umbrella and the Light Saber umbrella was too bulky.
But we opted to buy the super cute Children's Umbrella
for GBP2.99. It was the same price as the basic folding one!
I love the rain for forcing us to by these cute things! Lucky Sofia.

There are a lot of other stores in Old Spitalfields Market with an assortment of cute stuff, but I would classify them as places where I'd love to browse, but I wouldn't really buy the cute stuff at the prices they sell them at, but it's still worth visiting them. You never know, you might just find something you didn't know you really need and can't live without. Hahaha.

If you plan on going to Europe, check out You can check out their London stores here. I will definitely look for them when I go to other countries with Tiger Stores. Too bad I was too lazy to walk to their store in Shinsaibashi in Japan, I would have found out if their stores are as interesting in Asia. just saying.

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