Friday, July 10, 2015

He She Eat Desserts in Causeway Bay

When we were in Hong Kong, one of the new places we discovered was He She Eat for desserts. Perfect with having Ho Hung Kee for dinner, which you can read about here, since that meal is pretty light, and their both in the Causeway Bay area.

He She Eat is a nice cafe type set up at Causeway Place
They are right across one of the exits of Causeway Bay MRT.
The place is quite busy on a Saturday night.

We arrived a little past 10pm, and we were first in line for a table when we arrived, but the line got long while we were waiting and even after we were seated, which was quite surprising, since the place closes at 11pm.
The gang, patiently waiting for a table.
The girls
The guys
Their coffee looks good, which I would want to try another time.
I didn't order it when we went because I wanted to sleep well, since it was
our last day the next day.

Everything on our table, we ordered to share, so we could try everything.
Avocado Yogurt Smoothie (HK$38) included.

I strategically sat down with access to both tables so I could also try the desserts ordered by the girls, which we didn't order.
Green Tea Fondue Cake and Tofu Ice Cream (HK$59)
Highly Recommended winner combo. Look at that.
I wasn't fast enough to take a photo of the Souffle of the Day (HK$59),
but I was fast enough to secure myself a bite. It was also good.
This was Orange Liquor Souffle (I think) with Chocolate Ice Cream.

Then both tables both ordered these:
Sakura Strawberry Panacotta (HK$52)
Nice combination of flavors, but I prefer the brown rocks, whatever they are,
to the white meringue.
Salted Caramel Hot Cake (HK$49)
Nice concept of a freshly baked spongey cake, which feels like a super thick
pancake, but goes really well with the syrup, salted caramel and vanilla ice cream.
Then the guys also ordered Banana Waffle (HK$52)
which is very similar to the hot cake in a different form, with the addition of the
nicely caramelized Banana, which reminds me of Banana-Que,
a local Filipino dessert of caramelized Banana on a Stick.

I'd say the charm of this place is in the Freshly baked desserts which you get straight from the oven, and the unique mix of their ingredients. Definitely a must visit place in Hong Kong if you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.  just saying,

He She Eat
Shop 201, 2/F, Causeway Place
2-10 Great George Street
Causeway Bay

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