Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our new Favorite Hotel in Hong Kong - Rosedale Hotel in Causeway Bay

The last few times Sof and I went to Hong Kong, we stayed at my Aunt's flat very conveniently located on top of the Tin Hau MRT, which if you cross Victoria Park, will take you get you to Causeway Bay. 

However, on our last trip, we went to Hong Kong with a big group of office friends, roughly around the same time my Aunt was packing up their flat to move out, so we searched for a hotel in the Causeway Bay area within our budget (which is around US$100 a room).

We tried to find a hotel that was close enough to walk to Causeway Bay, and when we checked, it seemed like Rosedale Hotel (Previously Rosedale on The Park), was a good deal given it's location just at the corner of Victoria Park (on the side closer to Causeway Bay), and they were even offering a special discounted price when we booked, which brought the price to US$185 for two nights, tax included.

It looked like the hotel was newly renovated, and while
they room was not really big, it wasn't too small either.
View from the Door
The full length mirror is inside the closet door.

Sofia's favorite place was seat by the window.
Sof and Rainbow when we arrived.
This is also where she has a light breakfast every morning
before we meet up with everyone.
If I'm not mistaken, the tall white building we see from
our window across the park is Auntie Stell's old flat.

The view from our room was really nice, so I could understand why Sofia loved staying there.
The Bay
Some water, Skyline and Mountains
And the Mountains towards the back
Time Square was around a 10-15 minute walk away.
There's a tram stop right in front of the hotel so you can
tram to Causeway Bay if you're lazy, or it can take you
directly to the Toy Street in Wanchai which was our
The trams get really busy though, sometimes you need to
sit on the steps (which i no problem if you're super tired).
On the second level of the tram when we finally got seats.

The hotel lobby is on the second floor, which they refer to as 1, G is 0.

When we were asking for a taxi on our way to Hong Kong Station to catch the Airport Express, the concierge informed us that there was a free shuttle that stops right behind the building.
H2 stop is in front of McDonald's. The shuttle comes
every 20 minutes.
You just need to allocate 40 minutes travel time because
it also stops at Park Lane and Excelsior.
The ride is very comfortable though, so as long as you
have enough time, there's no issue.

I think from now on, Rosedale will be our default hotel for Hong Kong. Don't forget to ask for a nice view when booking your room, the view from the other side of the hotel is not as nice. just saying.

Rosedale Hotel Causeway Bay
8 Shelter Street, 
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
*But we booked through

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