Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm on the fence about Dim Dim Sum in Hong Kong

On our last trip to Hong Kong, which you can read about here, Sof and I only stayed for the weekend, so I wanted to try a combination of new places and old favorites.

So for our first Dimsum brunch, we opted to try Dim Dim Sum in Causeway Bay (though in reality closer to Wanchai) instead of doing the usual Maxim's Dimsum brunch, you can read about our last visit to Maxim's here.

Surprisingly, when we got to this Dim Dim Sum branch, there was no line. (That in itself, may be scary, since all good DimSum places I know, you need to line up for.)

Though this large sign sort of makes you feel better.
But take note, this is cover is from 2012.
When we arrived, we had the entire second floor to ourselves.
But in fairness, guests did start trickling in.

One big difference between this place and Maxim's is here, you order from the menu/ list, while in Maxim's once you secure your table (after lining up! yes! even if you arrive before the doors open, you need to line up), the dim sum carts start going around so you can immediately start eating.

In our case, the first thing we ordered, because everyone was hungry was 6 baskets of Xiao Long Bao with truffles. Then we looked at the menu to compliment that.

Tito Noel and Fi with matching grey shirts while waiting
for our food.
Our food started coming, and I must say, they serve the Best Shrimp
ChongFan (left) I've ever had. It has crispy bits in it, but I don't know what it was. 
Their HaKaw or Shrimp dumplings were also very good.
The skin was so thin, you could see the shrimp chunks inside.
The vegetable dumplings were okay. I still prefer the ones from the DimSum
place in Tin Hau.
The Pork Siomai were also good.

Unfortunately, our dim sum brunch experience started to go bad when all the food was gone, and our 6 baskets of Xiao Long Bao still haven't arrived. When we followed it up, it seemed as if we needed to order it again, though I am sure it was captured in our first order, because one of the servers came to confirm that we were ordering 6 baskets. There was even some argument on whether we were really ordering 6. After a long wait, 2 baskets of Xiao Long Bao finally arrived. 6 pieces in total.

It was actually a blessing in disguise that they screwed up our order because
Let's even forget for a moment, there should be an added bonus of truffle. 

I have never seen Xiao Long Bao that wrinkled, from a place that's part (or has been part) of the world's best 101 places to eat no less. The wrappers were soggy and sticky, so once you carefully lift it up from the basket, half the bottom is stuck to the paper, so goodbye to what little soup is there anyway. It was such a bad note to end our dimsum brunch on that I totally have to remind myself that the first few dishes were good.

I'm not really sure if this is place I will visit again, but if you do, make sure you skip the Xiao Long Bao. You will have a totally different experience, guaranteed. just saying.

Dim Dim Sum
G/F, 7 Tin Lok Lane
Wan Chai

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