Friday, July 3, 2015

Traditional French Cuisine from Wepler

I love Paris. Just walking around the place, then sitting for an overpriced cup of coffee is enough for me, but since you can't live on coffee alone, I also have my list of favorite places to eat in, mixed together with places I want to try.

I always try to stay with my favorite landlady Line, you can read about her here, whenever I have a few days in Paris because she's just like my French mom. She always asks us where we plan to go, where we plan to eat, and she also has some suggestions.

I remember the last time I visited, she asked what we planned to eat and that day we were planning to eat at Le Relais de l'Entrecote, my favorite steak frites place which you can read about here.

At Le Relais de l'Entrecote, they only serve one thing.
Steak Frites in secret sauce, and they just ask you how you like it cooked.

I remember my landlady telling us that real French food is not steak frites. Hahaha. How I could read the judgement in her tone, then she went on to recommend that we eat in Wepler, her favorite traditional French food place nearby, which she went on to describe as where the sons normally take their moms for lunch as it's very bourgeois.

Wepler is right on Place de Clichy, around 10-15 minutes by foot from our flat.
They're also famous for seafood, displayed right on the street,
but it's not really my thing.
Wepler has both a restaurant and cafe, so we decided to
have dinner at the restaurant.
The menu has a drawing of the restaurant, right at the heart
of Place de Clichy, with our very French waiter at the back.
They gave us olives while waiting for us to decide what we wanted to order.
After a full day of shopping, we just wanted to have a nice dinner nearby.
Behind us you can see the cafe portion.
Hooray for the good quality French Butter, lightly salted.

Some of the things on their menu, was similar to the food served at the Bouchons we visited in Lyon, which you can read about here. I opted to go for the set menu, while Ady just decided to order Ala Carte.
Since I was so envious of Ady's Poached Egg in Red Wine sauce (from Lyon),
that's what I ordered here.
It was so much better, and richer, as I think it had bacon and croutons,
so definitely more deadly.
Ady had French Onion Soup.
With the Soup named after the country,
I don't really think they could get it wrong.
Ady's main course was Veal Cutlets served with pasta which she liked.
While I decided to listen to my landlady and stay away from Steak Frites,
even if everyone in the table to locals beside us ordered it, so I ordered
Leg of Lamb instead.
It was so good. I was totally glad I went with this instead. In fact, looking back,
I can't really imagine how I finished that huge dish. I'm sure it was so good,
I didn't want to let anything go to waste.
For dessert, Ady and I just shared the Opera Cake that came with my meal. 
For a really, filling and enjoyable Traditional French Meal, our bill was
pretty reasonable too at less than Eu40 a person, wine not included.

Since Wepler is so near my favorite land lady too, I'm sure this will now make it as a staple place in our Paris Itinerary. just saying.

14 Place de Clichy, 
75018 Paris, France

+33 1 45 22 53 24

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