Saturday, July 25, 2015

Singapore (Office) Revisited

I worked out of our Singapore office for two and a half years, but since I moved back to the Philippines three years ago, I didn't have any reason to come back for work, until last week that is.

I was very happy to stay in the newly opened Park Hotel on Alexandra Road.
As you can see in this picture, it's right beside Ikea... so that means it's
fairly easy to sneak in some shopping after work, and believe me, I did!
It only opened two months ago, so everything is new, and it's now fairly close to our new office, which used to take me an hour by bus (or SG$15) by cab to get to from where I used to live in the center of town.
But the other best part is, it's right across Anchorpoint Mall!!!
I took this photo from the lobby while we were getting checked-in.
Anchorpoint Mall remains to be one of my favorite stops when I'm in Singapore because it has a few outlet shops of stores I actually buy from. You can read my post on it here, but some stores have closed - like Cotton-On Kids, but other stores have opened, like the Typo Outlet Store, one of my favorite Stationary (Useless Stuff you absolutely need to own) Stores.

They have a nice pool, so Sof would love to come with me when she's on
Alexandra Road Intersection, View from my Room
When I'm impatient, I don't hesitate to jump on a bus instead of wait around for
 a cab, then I get off on the nearest bus stop and walk so the shopping can begin.
Breakfast, which is included in the room rate, is yummy too!
Aside from the regular hot dishes, fruit and muesli bar, they have freshly
baked bread, creme de marron spread (my French landlady will be impressed)
and Egg Spa to keep the soft boiled eggs ready to eat at the right temperature.

At the office
One of the things I enjoyed was getting FREE Ben&Jerry's
Ice Cream and coffee from the B&J Cafe!
They used to make us pay for this when I worked here!!!
I probably spent quite a fortune here for 1.5 years!
Another highlight was getting Salted Egg Chicken from the food court,
until I finished the whole thing and realized there's a reason why I didn't
food court food. Yummy, but unhealthy x10!
You can call the dish Salted Egg Deep Fried Breading, but that didn't stop me
from eating it. Hahaha. Back to Cedele and Astons for me next time.
For late dinner (after I was able to shop), it's always good to meet up with
Anson. (Photo Credit: Anson's Canon G7x) 
He recommended Mak's Noodle, a famous wanton noodle place from HK,
which newly opened in Singapore.
Since the wanton noodles were a bit on the too-healthy side,
I ordered this deadly peanut butter brownie from Starbucks to compensate.
Always great catching up with the old boss!
For dinner on our second night, I brought Karl to Fat Cow, one of my
favorite steak places in Singapore, you can read my post on it here,
but it's still best to come at lunch to enjoy the foie gras and wagyu donburi!
Some tips if you visit Fat Cow for dinner, the fat rice is just SG$1 less than the foie gras, so it's a no brainer, go for the foie gras instead and order white rice, we really didn't taste the fat anyway.

On our last day, we had to rush through our meetings so we could catch our flights, so lunch was at the airport.
I was happy I finally got to eat Roast Duck which I've been craving for
since our Hong Kong trip because they ran out of stock at the HK airport.
I went for the birds, while Karl went for the pork. Our lunch was SG$57!
Tai Hing HK Roasts was ok, but I found it extremely expensive for Singapore,
when you can get the same at the Kopi Tiam - or the hawker stalls.
So you really are captive market at Changi.
That was a good 3 days back for work. Singapore still feels like home - made even better with free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, everyday if you wish. just saying.

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