Monday, July 27, 2015

Bangkok Food Finds

I just came from Bangkok for Jem's Bridal Shower last weekend, and I am flying back tomorrow for work. Can't wait to have more of the yummy food I tried (and some I just spotted).

Here are my top picks: 
Authentic Thai Milk Tea from the roadside stall
Note to self: I want to but Thai Tea Leaves so I can make my own at home
Hello Four Seasons Boneless Roast Duck and Salted Egg Prawns.
We meet again! You can read my post on that here.
The guardian of the Central World Food Market
Great Big Bowls of Curry served over Vermicelli Noodles
Super Yummy and clearly a steal at 50 Baht!
Green Curry Pork Meatballs over Rice Noodles
To remove the spicy kick of the curry, the Pork BBQ is the best,
Popping invisible Fat chunks FTW. Also a steal at 10 Baht!

I'm a sucker for Thai Coconut-Cream based Snacks. Sadly, they seem to be sold on the street with no permanent stores, so finding them requires a bit of luck.
I love Tako so much, Sof and I now know how to make them.
I also love Kanom Krok, another form of Coconut Pudding with toppings.
This stall was extraordinary. She even used Brown Rice Flour!
Our top picks were corn, shredded palm sugar and barley,
and we came back for it the next day.
This thin pancake with Coconut Cream filling has been intriguing me,
I hope I get a chance to try it on this trip.
Bangkok is known for their fruits. One unique thing we saw on the street
was this pomegranate stall.
The freshly squeezed juice was quite refreshing.

Food I didn't get to try but caught my attention:
Giant Lychees. They look so much more attractive than my favorite small
ones with tiny seeds from Hong Kong.
Isaw. Thai Style. (Grilled Chicken Intestine) This I didn't want to try.
We also saw fried crickets and insects but photos weren't allowed.
Our usual Chatuchak favorites (which the parents buy for us):
Grilled Ulang (Fresh Water Shrimp with Giant heads)
Oh Crispy Pork Belly
And the staple Pad Thai of course!
I must admit, one of the best meals I had last trip was not the food we bought, but the food we cooked from Silom Thai Cooking School. Now, if only I can just cook those dishes again. Hahaha. just saying.

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