Monday, September 7, 2015

AVA Atheletica proudly Philippine made sportswear for women that make you look great, even before you get moving!

I'm so happy I finally got my AVA Athletica stash.

Confession time. I refuse to pay a lot of money for exercise outfits, simply because I don't exercise! Well, I used to, in my past life (B.S. or Before Sofia) but since then I'd rather spend quality time with my little girl, or with my blog than sweat it out in the gym.

I've always said, I don't mind exercise, as long as it's incorporated in my lifestyle, ie walking around Singapore because we didn't have a car, but Orchard Road, the old office location, and Sofia's school was just within 15 minutes walking distance. Same was true when I lived in Paris, every Metro station was just 5-10 minutes away.

When I used to exercise, my favorite brand of sportswear was Nike, but it was so pricey, I normally just bought it when it was on sale, and most of my stuff was actually gifted to me by my godmother.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, my really close friend at work, Aina, is the brains behind AVA Athletica and the only reason I finally discovered the greatness this brand has to offer is because I started a new job where I travel and eat more than normal, and when we're with the local teams, if they exercise, then so do we.

Aina kept on laughing (seriously!) at my outfits because they were sponsored by Clear and Rexona! Hahaha.
Clear Jersey for Zumba
Rexona for Mountain Climbing

Thankfully Aina to pity on me and brought me several outfits to try, and the great thing is, everything fit so I got to keep them all. They fit so nicely too!!!

The material is really nice, so the outfits feel really comfortable and cool (even as you sweat - not that I've tested it), and the bottoms feel like magic. It's as if the pants and shorts have a magic force-field that sucks (or feels like) your tummy fat in. Hahaha.

They can definitely give Nike sportswear a run for their money any day comfort wise, but AVA Athletica is a level above if we're talking style and fashion.

I love my new green stripe hoodie (Php800)
and leggings (Php780).
Sleeveless Top (Php715) Cycling Shorts (Php650)
My favorite is the Top with Peek-a-Boo back (Php715)
with Cycling Shorts (Php650) 

My photos haven't really done the clothes much justice, so it's a good thing that AVA Athletica now has a website where you can shop to your hearts content.

For Inquiries or Orders:
Phone: +639178833795

Suffice it to say I am now a convert, and I want to buy more outfits because you can wear them, not just to exercise, since they're comfortable, well made and flattering, you can just skip the gym altogether. just saying.

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