Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to make your own Tako Coconut Thai Dessert

Sofia loves Tako, the coconut pudding Thai dessert. She loves it so much she can eat several pieces in one sitting and she gobbles it up so fast.

The problem though with our love for Tako is that unless you go to a local food market, you need to buy them from street vendors, and finding them is like a game of chance. The other challenge is with the language barrier, you're not sure what filling you're going to get inside until you eat it. Hahaha.
The square tako is more common but they also come in cones.
My favorite filling is corn or water chestnut, but I can't stand the yam or the
more starchy ones.
On one of my recent trips to Bangkok without Sof, I was so happy to find this
DIY mix at Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon so I could bring home for Sof
to make. 
They have a 6 minute claim and they have instructions in several languages,
 English included.
Everything you need to prepare it is in the pack, corn included,
except for the Banana Leaf cups.
Sof was quite excited to try it out. We used mini cupcake pans and cupcake
liners instead. We also opted to use the stove top so we could see what
was happening vs. nuking it in the microwave.
Basically you just add water, and wait for the mixture to
thicken. This little girl is happy she can now reach the
stove without stepping on a chair.
Knowing when to remove it from the fire is key.
Then you just start scooping them into the containers to cool.
Same is true for the coconut cream topping.
We either thickened it too much, or took too long in
scooping it out because it sort of gelled on us.
It definitely tastes better than it looks.

I can't wait to go back to Bangkok to hoard more of this mix, but it would definitely better if you make them in the banana leaf cups. It's still such a steal for 50 Baht! Though I think getting them done in 6 minutes is a bit of a stretch. just saying.

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